Robotics Design Principles

Engineering is designing and building systems to solve a problem. The problem you will be solving is designing and building a VEX robot to compete in a robotics competition. Most likely the two systems you will be completing will be:

  • Drive systems, as the name implies, these are the base of the robot and it is what the robot drives around on.
  • Manipulators are any devices which manipulate things for your robot, usually game pieces. They could be arms, claws, conveyer belt, lifts, or many other imaginative devices.
  • Engineering notebook  Use the Robotics Engineering Notebook to document the design, construction and iteration of a classroom or competitive robot. RECF Curriculum on Engineering notebook.
2015 REC Foundation STEM Educational Video Challenge 1st place Team 4184G

YouTube Video

Spacing Calculator - determines which spacers are needed to fill a shaft/screw space

Most of modern engineering is done using Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software. The links below are free student versions of some of the design software most commonly used by engineers.

SolidWorks Software

Inventor student software

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