Robotics Control Principles

A robot is an icon for technology. It is difficult to define what a robot is, but most people agree that it is a mechanical system which can process information, obtain feedback and is programmable. This section will focus on:

  • VEX Cortex - This will allow your robot to process information. The VEX Cortex which is part of the VEXnet System Bundle P/N: 276-1604 . For more information on the Cortex Control system please click <here>
  • Sensors - These will allow your robot to obtain feedback. VEX robots have a variety of VEX sensors Foe more information about VEX Sensors please click <here>
  • Programming - This is the third aspect which with qualifies your mechanical system as a robot. Both the VEX Cortex & Pic processors are programmable. This website will focus on the EasyC V4 for Cortex published by Intelitek. Another language, RobotC is available, but it will not presently be discussed, but please check back for future updates.