Each of the links below will bring you to more information on the particular type of Manipulator

Manipulators are devices on a robot that are designed to manipulate (pick up, move, carry, lift, orientate) something. The VEX design system has so many different components to construct manipulators, the biggest limitations are, the robot construction rules (sizing, motor limit, etc.), the laws of physics, and your imagination. Here are descriptions of some of the different types of manipulators.

Passive Manipulation - These devices require no activator to make them works (other than perhaps the drive system). They included things such as plows, trays, forks, scoops, raised platforms and towers. For more information about these types of manipulators, please click <here>

Mechanics of active manipulation - In order to have active manipulation, there must be an activator and many active manipulators require a pivot point. For more information about these mechanical systems, please click <here>

Claws - These manipulators grab hold of objects and can include single-sided, double-sided, linkage, and roller claws. For more Information please click <here>

Baskets, collectors, and gates- These manipulators are collector systems and are used with multiple game pieces. For more information please click <here>

Arms and linkages - These manipulators are the basic type of lift system, simple arms, wrists, 4-bar linkage, 6-bar linkages, and hybrid linkages. For more information please click <here

Lifts -These manipulators will lift game pieces, linear slides, conveyer belts, and scissor lifts. For more infomation please click <here>

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VEX Robotics Curriculum on Manipulators click <here>