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The goal of this site is to help students and mentors design/build robots and hold VEX Robotics Competitions.

2018-2019 VEX Robotics Game

Turning Point

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2018-2019 NH Competitions



WPI Signature Event


VEX World Championship VRC April 24-27

2018-2019 PAST Events 

10/20/2018 Trinity High School Granite State VRC Tournament , Trinity High School, Manchester , NH <pictures>

Kennett High School, North Conway, NH <pictures> <video>
11/17/2018  North Andover, MA
12/15/2018 Frostbite Qualifier Belmont HS<Pictures> <Video Semifinals> <Video Final>
1/5/2019 New Year Challenge VRC Tournament Pinkerton Academy, Derry NH <Pictures> <Semifinal Video> <Final Videos>

Past Events

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