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Starting a Team

$500-$2000 for the robotics kit that can be re-used year after year. Recommended minimum- Classroom Lab Super
• Register your team with Robot events - $150 for 1st team – includes sample game pieces and other goodies, $1000 for each additional team
• The time commitment to build a VEX robot for competition is between 10-40 hours.
• The knowledge base to mentor a team includes being able to use a wrench and an Allen wrench, be able to turn on a computer and click and drag, and be able to plug a 3-wire plug into a 3-wire socket.
• There is some storage space required.
• Space for students to work.
• Most competitions have a small registration fee
• It is also recommended to purchase a set of game pieces (ranges from $50-$80)  2017-2018 game pieces, Cone and Mobil goal, and a few sections of 2' x 2' interlocking foam tiles