Hex Bugs  – This a fundraising program that is provided by VEX robotics. It involves selling small toy robotic bugs. Order form

Pros – decent profit margin, up to 50%. Promotes robotics, fairly easy sell.

Cons – Need to either pre-order and pre-collect money, or you need to have money in advanced to buy the bugs to sell.

Civic Groups – many civic groups, Rotary club, Masonic lodge, Kiwanis, Woman's club, Volunteer Fire Department, Elks club, etc. Have funds available to donate to worthy causes. Rotary club finderKiwanis club finder,

Pros – 100% profit, makes a good connection with the community

Cons – need to find the person in the community to make a contact with, will need to create a flier or presentation to ask for funds.

Local Businesses – It is amazing how supportive the community is with projects like this (especially if the parents involved helping with the contacts). A letter should be written asking for all or a portion of the amount needed for your team. It is also helpful if you put the business's name on your team shirts and team materials. For sample sponsor notice, click Sample Sponsor notice.pdf below

Pros – 100% profit, makes a good connection with the community

Cons – Need to find the person at the business to make a contact with, will need to create a flier or presentation to ask for funds.

Candy – This is a fundraiser, which the students find as an easy sell. There are many different companies which provide fund raising kits. Some require purchasing the candy ahead of sales.Sam's ClubOther candy fund raising

Pros – Decent profit margin, up to 50% or more. Easy to sell.

Cons – May need to have money in advanced to buy the candy to sell. School may have a policy against selling candy.

Restaurants - Some restaurants like Pizza Hut (will need to contact local Restaurant) and UNO Chicago Grill will donate a portion of their sales to the organization which promotes the restaurant. Typically on a week night. For more information on the UNO fund raiser contact, Nancy Polep ,Dough Raiser Coordinator 226-8667, 227-9595

Pros – No money in advance, little risk, little work.

Cons – Not a large profit margin (20% at best, but then there was no investment), need to advertise and contact people to attend the restaurant.

Dinners – The team can hold a dinner for the community at the school or local church, such as spaghetti dinner, steak dinner, chicken dinner, sell advanced tickets (number the tickets to keep track of who has what) and keep the profits. Pancake breakfasts are also good fund raisers. (50-50 raffles during these events can increase your profits)

Pros – Profits can be in the 50%-75% range. One evening dinner might cover all the revenues necessary to operate a team for a year.

Cons – There is a lot of work to purchase food, cook, and organize dinner. Must sell enough dinner tickets in order to make it worth holding the event.

Raffle Calendar – The team asks local business's to donate gift certificates to be raffled off. Then make a list of the items, with one item per day, up to 1 month worth of items. Include on the list/calendar a tear-off portion with the person's contact information. Number the lists/calendar so you can keep track of who has calendars and who has returned them. Sell each calendar at $5 or more. Once the selling period is over, put all the contacts into a container and pull one slip each day.

Pros – One hundred percent profit and gets the community involved

Cons – There is a lot of time spent contacting businesses and the raffle time is extended. You need to get the gift certificates to the winners.

On-line search engines – Good search is a search engine that will donate a small fee to a non-profit organization each time a search is done on its site.

Pros – One hundred percent profit, no risk.

Cons – People need to be asked to use your search engine and not the one they ordinarily do.

Setting up a donate page on Pay Pal – Pay pal will setup a Donation button you can add to a school/team website or you can send in an email to ask for donations from family and friends,

Pros – Nearly hundred percent profit

Cons – Pay Pal charges a small service charge, you need to ask for donations

Other fundraisers – there are countless ways to raise money. Keep in mind the balance between effort and profits.

David Kelly,
Jan 1, 2015, 7:19 AM
David Kelly,
Jan 1, 2015, 7:19 AM