• Voltage An overview of how voltage works with your robot. For more information click <here>
  • Amperage An overview of how amperage works with your robot
  • Batteries An overview of the batteries available with your VEX robotics system
  • Battery Chargers An overview of battery chargers available for the VEX robotics system
  • Electrical Accessories An Overview of other power options for the VEX robotics system
  • Battery Safety A few guidelines for safely using VEX batteries.


Battery Disposal

Due to the heavy metals and caustic electrolytes within batteries, they should not be disposed of in the regular household trash. Places in New Hampshire to recycle batteries can be found at: http://batteries.wastefuldisposal.com/new-hampshire/nhRadio Shack, Lowes and Staples will recycle rechargeable batteries.

David Kelly,
Mar 17, 2015, 8:25 AM