Drive Systems

Each of the links below will bring you to more information about drive systems
  • V5 ClawBot Instructions This link brings you to the V5 ClawBot assembly instructions
  • Available Wheels This link brings you to a discussion on the different types of wheel available for your VEX robot.
  • Comparison of wheels This link brings you to the simpleRobotics video that compares the different types of wheels for the VEX system.
  • Skid-Turn Systems This type of drive system turns by driving the wheels forward on one side and on the other side either drive the wheels at a different speed, stopping this side of wheels, or spinning this set of whels in the opposite direction. Skip-Turn systems are found in 2-wheel drive and 4 wheel/multiple wheel drive.
  • Track Systems This type of drive system uses the same turning principles as the skid-turn system except it has tracks instead of wheels.
  • Holonomic systems This type of system uses wheels with rollers on them and by placing the rollers at an angle to each other and powering each wheel with a motor, the force vectors between wheels can be changed. This allows the robot to move in 2 different planes and rotate.
  • Swerve wheel systems – With this type of system the wheels are in individual pods (P/N: 276-0506) with each wheel powered by a motor.
Legacy builds
  • Protobot & TumbleBot directions This link brings you to the .pdf document with the directions on how to build the ProtoBot & the TumbleBOT
  • Clawbot directions This link brings you to the .pdf document on how to build the VEX introductory robot called the ClawBO