V5 System & Cortex

VEX V5 Handware

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For documentation on the Cortex microcontroller and the joystick, please see Cortex_User_guide_1010.pdf file below

Tips & Tricks for your Cortex Controller 

  • Synching for Cortex controller with the VEXnet Joystick. It is essential for the controller and the joystick be paired with one another before their first use. There is a very good instruction sheet which covers how to do this. Please see Cortex_Joystick _intial_tether.pdf file below
  • Both the joystick and the controller need to have an updated master code so that the EasyC v4 for Cortex will work together. Please see VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility Operating Instructions 1-5-2011.pdf file below
  • Be very careful removing the VEXnet Key 2.0. Pull it straight out. Do not lift up, you could damage both the Cortex and the VEXnet adapter
  • Be sure the VEXnet Key 2.0 firmware is up-to-date < Downloads for both VEXnet Firmware and VEXNet Key 2.0 Firmware>
  • Be very careful removing the Battery if the battery connections becomes bent, there could be an interruption of power in the future if the robot gets bumped and that can reset the program. It is recommended to ALWAYS use a Battery Extension Cable to protect your Cortex battery connection.
  • Be careful to ALWAYS support the Cortex controller with metal structure, so the plastic connection points do not become stressed and break off. ALSO do not over tighten the connectors holding the controller in place because this can also break them.
  • Always design your robot so you can see the controller's LED's and you have easy access to the on/off switch and battery connector.
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