2019-2020 NH Past events photos and videos

2019-2020 Events

Past Events

June 1 2019, End of the Year Tower Takeover Challenge, Pembroke Academy, Pembroke, NH <video 1st match of year> <video last match>

11/2/2019 Mount Washington VRC Qualfier,Kennett High School, North Conway, NH <pictures> <SemiFinals Video> < Final Video>

11/16/2019 Turkey Day Classic, Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH <pictures> <SemiFinals Video> <Finals Video>

11/23/2019 York VRC Qualifier, York High School, York ME <photos> <SemiFinal Video> <Final Video>

12/7/2019 Pembroke Holiday Classic, Pembroke Academy, Pembroke, NH

12/14/2019 Frostbite Qualifier, Belmont High School, Belmont, NH <Photos> <SemiFinal Video> <Final Video>

1/11/2020 Ursa Major VRC Invitational, Coe Brown Academy, Northwood, NH <Photos> <SemiFinal Video> <Final Video>

1/16-1/18/2020 Signature event: The Wave, WPI, Worcester, MA <Photos>

1/18/2020 MCC Robotics Charity VRC Qualifier Sleep in Heavenly Peace, MCC, Manchester, NH

1/25/2020 Vermont Tech VRC Invitational, Vermont Technical College, Randolph Center, VT

2/1/2020 PCA Tower Takeover Qualifier, Portsmouth Christian Academy, Barrington, NH <pictures> <Semifinals video> <Finals Video>

2/15/2020 NH State Championship, MCC. Manchester, NH <Pictures><semifinal video> <final video>

NH/VT VRC State Championship Pictures

Headed to the VEX World Championship- Congratulations: 40B, 241A, 5106C, 5106A, 603B, 8979B. 134C, 241E

NH/VT VEX IQ Challenge State Championship Pictures

Headed to the VEX IQ Challenge World Championship- Congratulations: 2701A, 3062A, 2820A, 2820C, 2820D, 5231A, 603C, 3062B 

 2020 Virtual VEX World Championship