UI Mock-UPs for OLPC   Finance Activity

I have prepared a few demos of the user interface that the Finance application would like like. Although I cannot guarantee the exact look of the Final app. as in the demos, but I would try my best to stick to the UI mock-up I am presenting as of now. (Click on the images for a larger view)

More UI Mockups Coming up.

This design portrays the proposed Welcome Screen



 This Design gives a basic idea of what the screen would look like when an existing user Logs in. The 'You are offline' msg occurs due to the fact that the user has not yet signed into the online portal.

This UIMock shows the New OLU registration screen. The UID is as discussed in this clause.

This design shows the Loan/Debt Manager screen. There are two separate columns each for Loans and debts. There are three sub-columns each for the two columns containing the name of the person concerned, loan/debt amount and the duration.

This is the 'New Entry' page for the Loan/Debt Manager. The user fills in the details. The options drop-down menu has extra options for rate of interest, contact no., email etc of the person concerned i.e. to who the OLU is indebted or to whom the loan has been given.


This UIMock shows the screen of the EXpense register/Log.

This design shows the screen for the budget planner.

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