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FedoMATIX is a tool (An Installer script) that automates the addition of applications, codecs, which otherwise would have taken much long to manually update the system using the yum command. FedoMATIX also provides softwares that are no available on the Fedora Software Repositories. This makes FedoMATIX a must have for both Fedora LInux Newbies and Experts alike.

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NEW: The GUI for Fedomatix is coming up in a few weeks, powered by Glade

Heres the How-To about setting up Fedomatix :

Note: PLEASE RUN the firstrun.sh SCRIPT first. (ONE-TIME - INSTALL SCRIPT)
after that a new script called fedomain.sh will appear in the same folder.
Start FedoMATIX using this script.
Extract the contents to a folder. If running for the first time then, execute the
firstrun.sh script (ONE_TIME Install Script). After that, you may access FedoMATIX
everytime by running the fedomain.sh script.

for running all scripts use the command: sh <script>
To, run them as standby scripts you need to chmod +x <script>


1) Create a directory named fedo in your home directory named fedo (Say)
==>    user@localhost ~]$ mkdir $HOME/fedo

2) Now move to the directory where you downloaded fedomatix.tar.gz (Say Desktop)
==>    user@localhost ~]$ cd Desktop/

3) Extract the Contents of the package fedomatix.tar.gz in a folder
   (fedo) which you just created in your home directory .

==>    user@localhost Desktop]$ tar -xvzf fedomatix.tar.gz -C $HOME/fedo/

4) Now move to the directory where you just extracted contents of fedomatix.tar.gz
   (it is the folder named fedo in our case)

==>    user@localhost Desktop]$ cd $HOME/fedo/

5) Now run the script named firstrun.sh using the command:

==>    user@localhost fedo]$ sh firstrun.sh

6) after this the script firstrun.sh will get deleted and a new script named
   fedomain.sh will appear, now run this script to start the FedoMATIX install

==>    user@localhost fedo]$ sh fedomain.sh

From now whenever you need to install a new application using FedoMATIX, just
navigate to the folder where you have extracted the files, and start the script
**********Be sure to run the script named 'firstrun.sh' for the first time
you use this package. Only for the first time.

Have Fun. Do check for updates and newer versions of Fedomatix. Any suggestions,
feedback and inclusion of software in future versions of FedoMATIX should be
mailed to dkd903@gmail.com with fedomatix as the subject.

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