Welcome to the music classroom! Formalities are valued every day in class in order to keep it professional and engaging.  Please observe the following guidelines:

**In General, you will not be treated like children in my classroom.  Be professional.**

1.  Mutual Respect.  You are expected to address me like an adult to be respected.  In turn, I will do the same to you, and you will do the same to each other.
          Everyone is addressed with a title and last name, e.g. "Ms. Johnson", "Mr. Ortiz".
          Treat everybody well in the classroom.
          Expect to be treated well in the classroom.
2.  Attentive Listening.  Bring the following to class every day:

          Listen with your whole body.
          Do not talk over the teacher or another student.
          Listen while you play and be ready to comment on the ensemble sound.

3.  Kindness.  

          Do not criticize, condemn or complain.
          Show appreciation!
          Give your teacher and fellow students the benefit of a doubt.

4.  Best Effort.

          Try your best at playing recorder, singing, or doing theory work.
          Forgive yourself and others for making honest mistakes.
          Give your best effort at home, with written theory work or personal practice.