Research Statement, Talks & Posters

Research Statement

You can view my latest research statement (Oct. 2015) here.

Talks & Posters

D. Chisholm. Affective Content in Multimedia as it Relates to Viewer Response and Semantic Understanding. Presented at Candidacy Exam, May 2015.

  • Talk presenting an overview of the state-of-the-art in this area. Slides downloadable here.

D. Chisholm, B. Siddiquie, E. Shriberg, A. Divakaran. Detecting Affective Audio Content to Identify Propaganda Videos. Poster presented at 4th Annual Greater NY Area Multimedia and Vision Meeting, 2014/10/03; NY, NY.

  • A multi-modal approach to detecting propaganda videos is presented. Won best poster. Downloadable here.