Code Samples, Work & Other Information

Work and Code Samples

I have a C/C++ implementation of Seidel’s Randomized Incremental Algorithm here. This is an uncommon and elegant algorithm for linear programming. Proper starting conditions for this algorithm are commonly misunderstood so the document includes an explanation of this aspect of things followed by the full source code.

I have a Matlab implementation of the expectation maximization algorithm for a multidimensional gaussian mixture model here. The document includes full source code (at the end) as well as various graphs and explanations.

I have a C# implementation of a MS Kinect based computer vision application here. Full source code is included at the end of the document and you can see a video of it here. It is basically the 1980's video game "Simon" performed via the Kinect.

I have a Python implementation of a tokenizer (for ISO Pascal) here.

I also have extensive experience with SQL and Delphi. Please contact me if you'd like to see something in one of these languages.

My Master's Thesis

Here it is. If you like Fourier transforms and Wilson bases this will be right up your alley.

Professional Experience

Before rejoining academia I worked in the security industry for a while. My independent consulting page can still be found here and prior to that I worked at Schlage and IBM - Extreme Blue.


    Once upon a time I was a rock and roll guitarist. Some bands in which I abused my hearing were Charetta and Sixty Miles Down.

    Other Stuff

    Graphical Audio Programming Environment. This was my undergraduate honors project, a real time audio library implemented in C++.

    March Madness Robots. Making this ball tossing robot was fun. Who doesn't like playing with lazer cutters? For this project I created several CAD designs for a ball loading mechanism and write various firmware in C.