Axis and Allies Banker v2.00

I wrote this program because after many long games of A&A I was tired of banking and how much time was put into having
to move the tokens each time a territory was captured, the amount of space the banking board took up, and how much time was 
spent on a task that was so simple.  

The program calculates each country's income by simply having the user select which
territories are captured during that country's turn.  It also keeps track of purchases,  by simply selecting the amount of each
unit you want, the money is deducted and the purchases stored in a log.  This makes the process of purchasing much simpler
because you can quickly shift the unit amounts and see your remaining money.  There is a log of each turn that is generated and
auto saved in the program directory that contains information about each country for every turn in the game played.  The information
stored included income gain, captured territories, purchases, technologies, the time the turn took, and bonuses.  

There are some 
optional features that 
can be enabled.  If you choose you can enter in damage caused from strategical bombing.  
This allows the 
program to warn you if you 
try to purchase more units than can be placed.  Technologies can also be enabled, this really
only applies 
to war bonds, improved 
shipyards, and increased factory production.  War bonds can be changed from randomly adding 
IPCs (1-6) or 
by having the user enter 
the amount they rolled. You can also disable the game timer and bonuses.  If enabled, the current 
bonuses will be displayed in the bottom right corner, and the bonuses currently applied are displayed in red.  For those multi 
day games 
you can save and load the games and for convenience there is a digital copy of the rule book attached. 

My friends and I have enjoyed 
using this while playing, it saves a lot of time and its always fun to go back and look at turn history.  Give it a try I hope 
it makes your 
games more enjoyable.  The download link is below along with screenshots. All feedback is appreciated and can be left in the 
comments section below.  

Thank you!


Start Screen
Home Screen
Territories Screen

Strategic Bombing                                              
Industrial Complex Placing                                      
Industrial Complex Repair

- 1941 /1942 Scenario
- Tracks each country's income and money
- Purchases are stored and saved
- Save / Load Games
- Industrial Complex's and damage on each complex is saved and displayed
- Checks that amount of units being purchased can all be placed
- Territories are colored coordinated and separated by country
- In game timer to see how long each turn takes and how long the game takes
- Displays turn, current victory cities controlled, and each country's income and money 
- Achieved bonuses are displayed in red, unachieved in black
- Digital copy of the rule book is attached
- Technologies are tracked and applied
- Log is generated for each country's turn containing information about their turn

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