Axis and Allies Banker v1.00

Start Up Screen

Basic Home Screen

Territory Control Page

Automated Purchasing and Technologies

Game Purchase History by Country

Other Features:

- Save and Load games
- Disabling technology
- Automatic capital take over
- Displays bonuses earned
- Writes end game report for post game analysis
- Built in console for personalizing program
- 1942 version of program (all bonuses and income set up for 1942 scenario)

Soon to Come:

- In game adjustable turn timer
- A more graphical interface
- Anything asked for by the user, the whole point of this program is to make
  Axis and Allies more enjoyable for everyone.  Any features that you think
  would be a good edition or any bugs that you may find in the program, just
  post a comment on the site or email me, contact info is on the contact page.

 The program is available for download below under attachments.   If you download
 it please leave a comment so i can see how much its being downloaded. Thank you!

cool hit counters

Andrew Doria,
Feb 6, 2009, 1:12 AM