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Bio sketch and selected accomplishments

This listing provides a brief timeline & synopsis of "high points" from my activities since undergraduate days.
For explanation of acronyms, see
Acronyms & Links page. Employment details and list of publications are on separate pages.
  • Student internships at NASA (support for science experiments design for manned spacecraft operations) and Southwestern Bell (central switch engineering support) during BSEE studies at FIT & UT Austin, 1969-74;
  • Oil well logging for Schlumberger Wireline Services in Africa, 1975-77
    • Angola (6 months training), Ivory Coast (3 months), Chad (3 months), Libya (14 months)
    • Last assignment was to support Glomar Challenger, oceanographic research ship conducting deep-sea drilling for seafloor geology study near Bahamas, operated by Scripps Institute, La Jolla, CA (3 months)
  • Electric utility supply and demand simulation modeling at UT Austin for my MSEE 1977-79, followed by related work at SRI (programming support for SRI National Energy Model) and EPRI (R&D planning studies and support), 1979-84;
  • Relational DBMS and object-oriented software programming and training development for various companies in Silicon Valley
    • Informix (SQL, Unix), ParcPlace Systems (Smalltalk, Macintosh), and Momenta (Smalltalk, Windows, pen input recognition GUI development), 1984-92;
  • GIS software development, ecosystems modeling, and urban planning studies for my PhD at the University of Florida in Gainesville, 1992-96;
    • Studied ecosystem dynamics modeling from H.T. Odum, developer of a unique approach for holistic environmental accounting of any natural or human activity;
    • Prototyped Smalltalk-based applications for Duke Energy, Florida Power & Light (field assets inventory and mapping)
    • Trained & led Smalltalk development team based at NRL, Stennis Space Center, Mississippi, and managed source code version repository from UF in Gainesville; 
    • Developed Smalltalk-based visual editor for DIGEST VPF geospatial datasets: DNC, WVS, VMAP+;
  • Building up software development staff and data production capability as Senior Scientist for the GIS software company Laser-Scan Inc, Sterling VA, 1996-99;
    • Helped establish relationship between Laser-Scan and US DOD, leading to Cooperative R&D Agreement in 1997;
  • Learning and describing data models for several different application domains with GIS software company Esri 2000-2006, published in a popular book, Designing Geodatabases: Case Studies in GIS Data Modeling (Esri Press, 2004);
  • Leading the startup OGC Interoperability Institute (an OGC affiliate member) to raise awareness of OGC geospatial data exchange standards to the geosciences research community, 2006-08; 
  • Serving on OGC staff, 2008-2012 as Director, Interoperability Programs, to lead OGC Web Services test beds, and to support GEOSS and geosciences working group activities and outreach; and in addition:
    •  Initiated and shepherded the relationship between OGC and WMO resulting in OGC’s affiliate status with WMO since 2009 for meteorology, hydrology, and climate standards development.
    • Co-chaired GEOSS Standards Interoperability Forum, 2008-2013.
    • Attended and presented on global Earth observation system-of-systems development and interoperability, at Eye on Earth Abu Dhabi Summit 2011, in preparation for Rio+20 in 2012.
    • Invited to Advisory Boards of EarthServer and ENVIROFI (FP7 projects in Europe).
    • Co-PI for NSF EarthCube Governance Community Group, helping develop initial roadmap for building governance structures within EarthCube, 2011-13.
  • University of Texas at Austin, 2012-present as Research Scientist and Fellow:
    • Leading development of annual international projects to develop GEOSS Water Services conventions, practices and outreach, 2012-2015. 
    • Starting endowments for digital preservation and modernization of geological collections at UT, 2013
    • Teaching GIS (2013) and providing outreach about geospatial data exchange standards and practices at UT.
    • Continuing participation in NSF EarthCube governance, as well as funded activities in support of water data management 2013-2015, digital preservation of physical samples 2014-2016, and advancement of netCDF 2016-2017.
    • Management of NASA ROSES ACCESS grants 2013-2016 to develop applications for public use of NASA Land Data Assimilation System (LDAS) products at national and global scales. 
    • Invited to Advisory Boards of COBWEB, WaterInnEU (FP7, H2020 projects in Europe).
  • Maintaining connection with OGC, 2012-present as Research/Academic Advocate (non-salary staff):
    • Outreach to increase awareness, participation and influence of scientific research communities on the standards and technologies that could advance their research.
    • Participation in OGC working groups for hydrology, time series & others as practical.
    • Contributing to OGC Newsletter (blogs); helping stimulate liaison relations between OGC and EarthCube.  
As I was working on my PhD, I could see that my previous work experiences had given me many distinct perspectives on our societal infrastructures in relation to the environment. DBMS and GIS are useful tools for building and studying these infrastructures; they also highlight the importance of data & model interoperability for us to better understand and communicate about societal and Earth systems across institutional boundaries. This has driven my professional interests ever since.

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