TI Emulator

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I've created a step by step process for downloading a TI Emulator.  An emulator is basicly the computer version of a TI 83. 

Here are the steps for downloading the TI Emultor:

1. Print these directions!

2. Create a folder on your desktop and name it TI Emulator.  Save these files to the TI Emulator folder:



3. Go to Virtual TI v.2.5 Beta. Save the Filename vti.zip to your desktop. 

4. You will now have a zipped file named vti on your desktop.  Right click on this file and extract "to here".  The files will now be extracted to your desktop. 

5. Copy all of these files into the TI Emulator folder that you created in step 2.

6. In the TI Emulator folder double click on the application file Vti. (Not the file named Vti Skin Creator)

7. When the Virtual TI Setup Wizard launches select: I already have a copy of the ROM from my calculator(s) on my hard drive. I would like to use it with Virtual TI.

8. Click Add and Find the folder (that you created on your desktop that that contains files from step 2) and select ti83_1.rom, click Open.

9. Highlight TI-83 version 1.07 and click Next>

10. Click Finish

Now you have a TI 83 Emulator! Right click on the emulator for more options (this is also how you close it).