Course descriptions

 WASL Math

WASL Mathematics is a class developed to help students prepare for the WASL test in mathematics.  Lessons and exercises will correlate directly to the Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALR’s), benchmarks, and test specifications.  The exercises in this class will contain short answer problems, sample multiple choice questions, and problem-solving tasks.  The problem-solving tasks can be used for both short-answer and extended-response practice.

UCSMP Algebra

This course is designed for students who have mastered basic computation skills and procedures.  This class will serve as a starting point for math related, and technical, fields.


Algebra will continue the study of area, volume, and perimeter of geometric figures.  The fundamental aspects of problem solving will also be taught.  This course will prepare students for higher mathematics.  Students will learn to solve mathematical problems for the unknown.  This course will help students understand the foundation, concepts, and skills of algebra.

UCSMP Geometry

The goal of this geometry class is to learn through observation.  We will learn how geometry fits into the real world.  Students will explore the reasoning in geometry, circles, triangles, and other shapes.  Logic and reasoning will be used to form postulates, theories, and proofs of concepts we take for granted.  Trigonometry will be introduced to students and the mathematics that is used in geometry.

UCSMP Advanced Algebra

This course is designed to prepare students for a comprehensive precalculus course.  Logarithms and exponentials will be emphasized throughout this course.  This course will also be heavy in trigonometry.  Other topics that will be studied are matrices, determinants, arithmetic and geometric series, conic sections and functions that include curve sketching.

UCSMP Functions, Statistics & Trigonometry

This course integrates statistical and algebraic concepts, and previews calculus in work with functions and intuitive notions of limits.  Technology is used for plotting functions, analyzing data, and simulating experiments.  Enough trigonometry is available to constitute a standard Precalculus course in the areas of trigonometry and circular functions.

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