Our Old House



Our first house was a fixer upper.  It was small and drafty but we loved it because it was ours and it was in the city.  We bought it while in grad school and decorated and renovated with a VERY small budget. Unfortunately we did not get very many before pics.  It was disgustingly dirty when we moved in and had many "interesting" design elements.  Closets were painted bright purple, hockey cards were glued to the wall like wallpaper, the mosiac tile on the kitchen floor was "custom" (and cut your feet), feng shui symbols were painted directly on the hardwood floors, trim was painted bright red and it only had one shower.  We lived there almost 4 years and by the time we were finished renovating, we decided to move on to the next project in the 'burbs.

Yep...that is pull chain on the light


Most of these pictures were taken as we put our house up for sale, so all the personal pictures were down and the house was staged for sale.

Disclaimer: This room is copied completely from Mrs.KEW (a former nestie).  We had already painted this room twice and I was still not happy with it, so I showed DH inspiration pics I had saved on my computer and he loved this so we copied it shamelessly.