Our New House

Our "new" house  needed a lot of updating....1990 country was not our style so after 6 months of DIY renovations (with some help from family) we are making progress but still have a long way to go.  Stay tuned!

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I have not had time to update pics on my bio because I want to rehost all the pics elsewhere (since if I get too many views the pictures don't appear) and that will take awhile. Until then here is a link to the most updated pics. 

Almost done master bedroom pics here

Click here to see pics of before and after of Our Old House

The tree and more landscaping on the left side is on the to-do list for the spring


Dining Room

Dining room BEFORE

1992 threw up all over the walls

With a sneak peek into the kitchen....don't worry there is more pics to cringe over later

Dining Room DURING

Dining Room 90%-  Still need accessories- Still seaching for a centerpiece, sconces for either side of the cabinet are ordered.

Paint Color: SW Uncertain Gray (other sample on wall above and on ceiling is one shade darker- Foggy Day)


Dining Room Updates: 

  • remove wallpaper

  • paint

  • recaulk and paint trim

  • remove curtains

  • new light fixture

  • switch electrical outlets


Office Before

Honey Oak everywhere

Office During

Office (ALMOST) AFTER (still need to paint inner windows)

Paint color; SW Ivoire


Office Updates:

  • add additonal crown moulding
  • add overhead light fixture
  • paint trim
  • paint walls

Family Room

Family Room Before

Stoplight Red, a brass ceiling fan not properly anchored, half-painted trim (the previous owners put one coat of primer on and called it good)  It is too bad we don't have pictures with their furniture....we could have added hunter green couches and fake sunflowers to the mix:).

Family Room During

Family Room  (Almost) After- Still need to paint inner windows and add drapes

Paint Color; SW Svelte Sage

 DH's pride and joy:

Fabric for drapes

Family Room Updates:

  • paint walls
  • repaint trim/door
  • change ceiling fan
  • paint mantle
  • remove and replace fileplace tile
  • paint brass fireplace doors

Powder Room

Powder Room BEFORE

(ignore the pic of me....grungy paint clothes are not very attractive)

Nothing like fake green wood paneling wallpaper accented by angels.....

Of all the wallpaper in the house, this refused to come off the most

Powder Room AFTER

Still need to add shelf over toilet and artwork

Paint Color SW: Latte

Powder Room Updates:

  • remove wallpaper
  • new light fixture
  • new counter
  • new faucet
  • remove and replace mirror
  • add crown moulding
  • paint cabinet
  • new cabinet hardware
  • new accessories


Our biggest project so far

The original plan: the kitchen was ugly but functional so we were going to wait a year, plan, save money, be smart and not bite off more than we could handle

The revised plan: then one weekend DH was out of town and I had a little too much wine and decided that I was ready to start the kitchen.  I work for a school district and thought that since I had 4 weeks of vacation coming up that it would be perfect timing.  So I got a spray bottle, a ladder and a putty knife and started stripping wallpaper.  DH came home and SURPRISE! 4.5 months later he is still thanking me:).

Overall we had a very low budget for our kitchen.  We could not afford to replace the cabinets so we painted them.  All the tile for the counters and backsplach we got at closeout for $700 total.  Stainless steel appliances are next on the wish list. We still need to add glass doors to some cabinets and sew drapes but overall we are about done.

Kitchen BEFORE

Pink must have been their favorite color- pink laminate countertops, pink baskets, pink mini blinds and of course more honey oak and brass

Nothing like a florescent light surrounded by oak:)

Kitchen DURING

This is the hole we had in the ceiling since the second week we moved in because the first time I took a nice bath in my new whirlpool tub, water ran through the kitchen ceiling

Popcorn scraped and new lighting/electrical in

Wallpaper gone and the new area of cabinets going in

The primer really brings out the pink in the counters

Good thing we aren't using the extra bedrooms as that is where I painted all the doors.  32 doors and 19 drawers.  As you can see the bedrooms need some help in the decor department as well:).

Respraying the ceiling

DH installing over/under cabinet lighting

Adding a second tier to the peninsula

Kitchen 90% done- Need black velvet drapes, finish some painting, add some plants, stainless appliances, add glass doors and shelves to open cabinets

My favorite part:

It is impossible to take pictures of this wall during the day so here is an OK picture at night

Kitchen Updates:

  • Remove wallpaper
  • scrape popcorn ceiling
  • retexture ceiling
  • repair leaking master tub (through kitchen ceiling)
  • remove florescent light fixture
  • add can lights
  • add new wine bar cabinets
  • add electrical for over and under cabinet lighting
  • add glass inserts in some doors
  • added 2nd tier to peninsula
  • new sink
  • new faucet
  • new granite tile countertops
  • new backsplash
  • paint walls
  • paint doors
  • paint trim
  • paint cabinets
  • change to concealed hinges on cabinets
  • new wine fridge
  • new cabinet hardware
  • new -over table light fixture

Still to do

  • new stainless appliances
  • refinish floors
  • add black drapes


Master bedroom in progress pics