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The epic adventures of a guy who doesn't really know what's going on.

The New Adventrues Of Toothy and Friends

The furthering adventures of a guy who doesn't really know what's going on and his friends. 

50 by 50

The unfinished sequel to a story I wrote in fifth grade. Follows the furthering adventures of a group of my hamsters as they defend the universe from the reptiles.

The Bucket Chronicles

The story of a spontaneous traveler and his many inconvenient situations. There's also a spleen involved but it's a mystery as to how that fits into the story... until the end that is...


An unfinished, fantasy that ended up being so hard to remember everything that I wrote an index for my own sake.


A short story that I wrote for my AP English class comparing freedom from the monotony of the life of a businessman to fish in a fishtank.


A story I wrote in the Star Wars universe just for fun, taking place between Episode One and Two.

Lanfest Mansion

My try at an adventure/thriller; the premise being a group of people trapped in a haunted house (very original).

School VS Summer

A long poem using a teacher and a jolly man to personify school and summer.

Santa's Jet Plane

A short poem I wrote for Hillcrest's Christmas HLA Today Issue.