The Enterprise Engineering Team Swim Club-Luxembourg (EETSC) is our research team's impromptu swim team formed so we don't have to be all alone in the pool. Our main swimming venue is the Coque in Luxembourg, but sometimes we go outside to whatever lakes and rivers Luxembourg and its surroundings have to offer as well.

We have three main disciplines that we typically work off during a pool session:
  1. the swim: we swim for a couple of kilometers, using whatever styles one prefers, trying to pay attention to the team and learning from each other's mistakes and improvements. and sometimes, try to out swim each other to win a free lunch
  2. the dive: free diving for as long as one can, and picking up whatever your teammates managed to sink to the bottom of the diving pool
  3. the jacuzzi: cool-down, greek style
If you're ever in Luxembourg and want to join us, we typically go for a swim in the Coque on Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:00 AM until lunch time.

Conferences aren't just for science for the EETSC!