On this page you can find the (anonymized) data resulting from some of my studies. If you have any questions or remarks about the data or can use it for your own work, please feel free to contact me.
Correlations between Demographic and Requirement Factors of Conceptual Modeling Practitioners
Correlation tests between purpose of modeling and requirements for different aspects of visual notation design: corr_purpose_visreq.pdf, and correlation tests for other factors (modeling language, domain, etc.) and requirements for visual notation design: corr_diff_aspects_visreq.pdf.

Systematic Literature Review of PoN applications
Search results and detailed inclusion decisions grounded in excerpts of each article can be found in the following files: vanderlinden_pon_slr_search_results.zip, and vanderlinden_pon_slr_inclusion_decisions.zip. Separate csv files are given for each investigated database (ACM, AISeL, IEEE, ScienceDirect, Scopus, Springer, Web of Science). Where papers are marked with a decision of "NOPE" instead of "NO", they were filtered out for being clearly irrelevant to the topic of the SLR.

Analyses of verifiability of PoN applications
Ongoing data based on a framework under development, see e.g.: fullanalysisteevml.pdf

BPMN Extensions Modifying Concrete Syntax
Selected papers for analyzing changes made to the concrete syntax by BPMN extensions reported on in CaiseRadar'16: caiseradar2016_references.pdf

Views on EA decisions

Likert scale data of the EA design decision making survey reported on in PoEM'15: eaDecisionsScale.xls

Feature elicitation
Data of the feature elicitation study of reported on in CBI'14: metaconceptFeatures.zip

Category structure
Data of the category structure study reported on in EMMSAD'14: categoryStructureData.xls

Semantic differentials
Data of the longitudinal study performed among computing and information science students reported on in COGNISE'14: metaconceptsLongitudinal.xls and metaconceptsTypicality.xls