In my free time I like to travel around to different countries, see new places and take photos. Or spend some time unwinding from reviews and paperwork by going for a run or swim.

I enjoy running around, especially in all the new places you come across during conferences. I started out more interested in long distances, doing a terrible marathon, and afterwards started running a bit more normally. When I was doing my PhD in Luxembourg we had a great group of swimming researchers around whom we'd often go to the pool with, and also find excuses during trips to find some river or lake to swim in. Either way though, I thoroughly enjoy jumping in the water somewhere with some fixed point of land to reach off in the distance.


Traveling & Photography
All the photos used on this website to pad out the lack of text come from my other hobby; traveling around and seeing interesting things to take photos of. I think the best way to enjoy traveling in new places is just to get lost and enjoy whatever sights you stumble upon... as long as they're not minefields.


No, not that kind of modeling. I've been interested in building models since I was young, making all kinds of plastic and paper scale models. From there I think it is that my first interests in the more abstract modeling came, designing layouts on paper, and then trying to build them in reality. This kind of modeling is something that moved me towards my interests in conceptual modeling, and the research I do now.