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archived \files are closed until I can find space to host them sorry.

If anyone out there has a ton of bandwidth to host them email me.



DJ Topcat vs Ratatat remixes zip  

50's Mashups remixes zip 35mb 

60's rock mashups 497mb

70's rock mashups 1 gig

80's Mashups misc zip 277mb 

80's mashups New Wave 347mb

80's rock mashups 592mb 

90's rock mashups 373mb

2000-to the present Modern rock mashups 559mb

Downtempo Acid Jazz & Trip Hop mashups remxs 135mb zip 

Sublime-(The band) mashups 

Gravediggaz vs Metallica-Metal from the grave album

Jay Z vs Led Zeppelin-Houses of the Hova album clean

Eminem vs The Rolling Stones-Rolling Shady project album

Soul & Funk Mashups zip 128mb 

Top 40 & Dance club mashups zip 649mb

DJ Topcat various mega mixes rock etc 89mb 

My first blends and mashups the early years 99-00 114mb zip 

Misc weird ecclectic off the wall mashups 101mb 


                              (Latest news)
                              May 02 2018

Working on more transfer tape restorations. 
Bake your masters people!!! 

                             Sept 22 2017
I am busy in studio, thought about doing a little side dj work, but happy with my current job. 

                              Feb 25  2016

           *WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION-be back soon :)
                              Sept 28 2013

Heading to Thailand for a much deserved and needed vacation but I do have good news. I've abandoned ship on the sinking SS Soundcoud and found a brand new host! I've uploaded some of my latest tunes there so check it out.
Also stay tuned for some exclusive mashup remixes using the heavily sought after studio multitracks from MJ's PYT/Off the wall and Wanna be startin' something
stay tuned! :)
                              May 9   2013

If you guys want to start having fast free access to the old DJ Topcat archives (over 1,000 remixes/edits/mashups please donate to the cause via the Paypal donation link---->. I'm trying to buy server space for a mountain of music. I'd love to have a new and improved website done by the end of the summer.
It's a lot of work!  :)
In the meantime join my Facebook fan page for the latest tunes.   TC 

                              May 22 2012

Sorry haven't been updating this site. The best place to get my latest mixes is my Facebook fan page
(link above)  I'll try and do some work on here during the summer when I have more free time. As far as the old stuff not much I can do I lost tons of files after the Megaupload take down. If someone out there has a lot of extra bandwiidth and would like to host them. I'll be more than happy to upload them again for all to enjoy. Just shoot me an email  :)

thanks for listening! TC

                              Oct 25 2011

Well Halloween is fast approaching so here's 15 Halloween themed remixes I've done... all sorts of creepy stuff in the mix!! enjoy :)

                              SEPT 5 2011

just finished up my Guru and Gang Starr vs Gramatik mashup album GANGSTARRGRAMATIK

give it a listen and let me know what you think? :)

                              AUG 25 2011

I'm baaaaaack! as you can see rumors that I hung it up and joined the Peace Corps are false lol  So here's 51 new tunes to keep you guys busy for awhile! be sure to become a fan on my DJ TOPCAT Facebook page. I'll always post the latest there first. link above

Here's the freeMediafire folder link. Feel free to share it with whoever you want. Post on mashup sites whatever floats your boat. Thanks for listening

Enjoy :)

                                FEB 5 2011

Hey I just finished the last tracks on a massive 28 song Jay Z vs Led Zeppelin mashup album. Some of you may remember back in early 2005 I released Jay Z vs Led Zeppelin-Jay Zeppelin-Houses of the Hova with the Black album pellas that had just come out.  Not surprisingly several had the same idea, but I think ,y tracks were unique because I tried to preserve the full songs just like Jay Z was there rapping over the band as they played. Well anyway a few months ago I decided to make some more mashups to add to it. Led Zeppelin is my favorite rock band of all time. Jay Z is not exactly my favorite rapper, but he does have more acappellas out than most so here ya go! Not sure what to name it yet. A friend suggested Whole lotta Hova lol. Below is the download link to the zip file containing all 28 tracks and intro. Spread it around and drop me a line if you dig it. It took a loooooong time to make :)

Jay Z vs Led Zeppelin-28 songs Whole lotta Hova

individual tracks here


                              NOV 11 2010

Hey I just released an early demo version of my Eazy E vs Johnny Cash Mashup album called "Eazy Cash" I may make some future changes due to feedback etc

here's the full album download link!

Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Mashup Album by DJ TOPCAT

Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Ring of Gangstas-108bpm (master).mp3
Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Tennessee Hooker-94bpn (master).mp3
Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Sippin on redemption-92bpm (master).mp3
Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Just take your guns to town-95bpm (master).mp3
Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Muthaphukin Rusty Cage-110bpm (master).mp3
Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-I crawl the line-101bpm (master).mp3
Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-24hr Rhythm-109bpm (master).mp3
Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Hittin the man-95bpm (master).mp3
Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-God's last werdz-82bpm (master).mp3
Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Gangstaz-106bpm (master).mp3
Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Black Boyz in the hood-90bpm (master).mp3

                            OCT 05 2010

Hey I have 20 new tunes I just uploaded to my Mediafire. Here's what's in the bag.....

People Under The Stairs vs Yardbirds,2pac vs Three Dog Night,Biggie vs Beck,Little Shawn vs Donnie Iris,Jason Derulo vs Nirvana,
Limp Bizkit & Snoop Dogg vs Red Hot Chili Peppers,E-40 vs Pink Floyd,Eminem vs Ghostland Observatory,Mike Posner vs Deadmau5,Xzibit vs Adam Lambert,Lupe Fiasco vs Blue Scholars,Beastie Boys vs The Wallflowers,Adam Lambert vs Daft Punk,Eminem vs Funkadelic,Mike Jones vs Counting Crows,FloRida vs KISS,2Pac vs Black Sabbath

                        download link

                            Aug 24 2010

Wow I woke up this morning to read the news on the net and they're talking about a forgotten mashup I made months ago. Then my buddy texts me and tells me they played it on Opie & Anthony this morning on Satellite Radio LOL Unbelievable. Anyway
before the cease & desist letter from the RIAA arrives again download the Johnny Cash/Eazy E mashup while you can! If anyone wants to host it feel free to ,and a video mashup would be awesome ;)

                             July 12th 2010

Sorting through 1000's of my tunes. I'm going to start selling full mashup albums by genre 60's,70's,80's etc don't worry they will be dirt cheap and I'll still be posting free stuff too. Stay tuned :)

                               May 18  2010

Not dead or kidnapped by aliens, just busy getting my record store together. Will be posting a few new tunes shortly check my Facebook fan page for updates :)


                               Feb 22 2010

New batch of Feb mash ups! Still tweaking some so check the folder link later for updates. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated. :)


                              Dec 27th 2009

Finally back up and rolling everybody. There's another link to my latest mash ups and I'm attempting to add a working play list but  I need to be very careful about the copyright thing. Hope y'all had a kick ass Christmas Holiday. Expect big things from yours truly in 2010!  TC

                              June 27th 2009

Here's a zip file of 5 of my most popular MJ vs hip hop mashups done over the years RIP MJ-

                              June 22nd 2009

 Just posted the latest tracks so download away! I'm using 4Shared to host so you can listen first :)

I'm still offering custom remixes and mashups if you would like to use my service send me an email request and we'll go from there        enjoy the new tunes!!!!

feel free to add comments and suggestions by e-mail or on my myspace page  click links below

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                            Kirkland, WA USA

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 Disclaimer: The media files posted here were created for my own experimentation and entertainment, not profit. I am not the author or owner of the copyrights of the component tracks. If you like the mash ups, support the artists and go and buy the originals...they are easy to find. Representatives of either the artist or publishing company can contact me, and I will take these tracks off line. If representatives of either the artist or publishing company have concerns, please contact me. Thank you


All my remixes are free but donations are appreciated to keep offering you these tunes for free just click on the link below :) 

OCT 25 2011


remix album

SEPT 5 2011

Guru and Gang Starr vs Gramatik album!


Aug 22 2011
51 new and redone mashups/remixes

Feb 5 2011

Jay Z vs Led Zep album

Nov 11 2010

Eazy Cash-Eazy E vs Johnny Cash album!


20 new tracks!

AUG 2010

Eazy E vs Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Gangstaz

New Summer Jam

Iyaz vs Sublime

 FEB 2010


DEC 2009

Dorrough Music vs The Temptations

Wale & Lady Gaga vs Steam

Taylor Swift vs Kanye West 

Backstreet Boys vs Linkin Park 

Juvenile vs Snoop,Taylor Swift,MJ,Soul II Soul,Vanilla Ice,Temptations

Pittsburgh Slim & Dirt Nasty vs George Harrison 

Snoop vs Eve 6 

The Game vs Collective Soul 

Jay Z vs MGMT 

Rob Base vs Reef 


House of Pain vs Twisted Sister 2009 remix

Wale vs Steam 

Judas Priest vs Timezone 

Katy Perry vs Joan Jett

The Pharcyde vs Dido

Ultramagnetic Mcs vs Yaz

Beastie Boys vs Iron Maiden 

Bubba Sparxx vs The Allman Brothers 

Kanye & Lil Wayne vs OMD 

Chris Brown vs KISS 2009 edit 

Biggie vs Walter Egan 

Treasure Fingers vs Split Enz

all 13 (8/7) files folder


 (June 22 09)

50 Cent vs A-ha

Avril Lavigne vs The Beastie Boys vs DJ Assault

Ying Yang Twins vs Billy Idol

The Game vs Pearl Jam

The Bloodhound Gang vs Michael Jackson

Dirt Nasty vs Book of Love

Tony Yayo & Eminem vs Smashing Pumpkins

Cupid vs Joy Divison

Edan vs The Smiths

LL Cool J vs Metallica

Black Eyed Peas vs Modest Mouse

Pittsburgh Slim vs The Beach Boys

Pitbull vs Steely Dan

Digital Underground vs Eric Clapton

Beatnuts vs Melanie

Big Daddy Kane vs The Wiseguys

Pink vs AC DC9

Lady Gaga vs Volker Kreigel

LL Cool J vs Red Hot Chili Peppers

Flo Rida vs RATT

The Pharcyde vs Amy Winehouse

Biggie vs Allen Touissant

Lady Gaga vs Wayne Fontana

Ying Yang Twins vs The Who

Outkast vs Coldplay

Percee P Andre the Giant & Lord Finesse vs The Kaiser Chiefs

(May 15 09)

Dirty Nasty vs Jan Hammer-Miami Vice Theme

Dirt Nasty vs AC DC 80's rock remix

Flo Rida vs RATT

Britney Spears vs The Prodigy

Asher Roth vs Jurassic 5

The Bloodhound Gang vs Underworld

Jay Z vs Led Zeppelin-Jay Zeppelin unreleased bonus track

Lord Finesse vs Limp Bizkit

Leona Lewis vs The Dandy Warhols

 May 01 09

Guns n Roses vs Journey

Black Eyed Peas vs MGMT

Kanye West vs Roxette

Eminem vs The Doors

Outkast vs Coldplay

E-40 vs Joy Division

Jurassic 5 vs Sublime

Weezer vs Simon and Garfunkel

2pac vs Frida

Buck Cherry-Crazy Bitch Kid Rock remix 09

Eminem vs Cold War Kids

Jurassic 5 vs The Rolling Stones

Lil Jon vs Siouxsie and The Banshees

R Kelly vs Kenny Rogers

Gwen Stefani vs Blondie

Black Eyed Peas Boom Ragga Breakbeat remix

2pac vs General Public 09 remix

Motley Crue vs The Supremes

Ciara vs Sniff n the Tears 09 remix

Bon Jovi vs Lynyrd Skynyrd 09 remix

Lumidee vs Metallica

Dilated Peoples & Kanye vs The Cure

T.I. vs The Cure 

The Ping Pong Celebration Song-Tip's Shuffle

March 2009 Mashups Rmxs

ACDC-You shook me all night long TC remix

Ciara vs Kings of Leon

Atmosphere vs Cage the elephant

Crucial Conflict vs Elton John

Cypress Hill vs Def Leppard

Ciara vs Heart

REO Speedwagon-Keep on lovin you TC remix

Kanye West vs Ray Lamontagne

 Feb 2009 Mashups Rmxs

MIA -Boyz- TC's Slumdog Millionaire remix

Gary Jules-Mad World Donnie Darko blend

Scissor Sisters vs Madison Ave

Luniz vs 10ft Ganja Plant

MGMT-Electric feel Gangstarr 808 remix

Britney Spears vs Prince

Magic Mike vs Fleetwood Mac

Rich Boy vs Wang Chung

Craig Mack vs The Beatles 09 remix

The Game & Kanye vs Jimi Hendrix

David Banner vs Def Leppard

Bid Daddy Kane vs Kansas 09 remix

MGMT-Electric feel TC club remix

Lupe Fiasco vs Flaming Lips

Petey Pablo vs Dandy Warhols

Blackstreet vs White Stripes