Important Update: 

Due to a reversal of expected outcomes, you are instructed to destroy any documentation, printed and electronic, in your possession. If you have a detection device, it should be deactivated. This can be done by removing the batteries. 

No further communications will be issued or received.

You have never visited this website.

On Nov. 8, the Main Stream Media will tell 
you that Hillary won the election.

That will be a lie. 

Rigged Elections Are Not Valid

    Increasingly, we are seeing signs that this is going to be a rigged election.

    The MSM is biased, the Pentagon-trained hackers are targeting voting machines, local election officials are taking bribes and the Social Security database of Democrats who have died in the last five years is being directly accessed by Hillary campaign operatives in key battleground states via the Dark Web.

    Though the WikiLeaks documents are devastating, the Corporate Media are reporting on completely unsubstantiated accusations from attention seeking women. 

    With the electronic voting machines, there won't be a paper trail. Donald Trump's resources are no match for what the Pentagon-trained hackers can do.

    Knowing that the New York Times will never investigate them, the Hillary campaign operatives are using the government database to refocus their "Get Out The Vote" effort to more of a "Raise The Dead" campaign.

    Because rigged elections are not valid, Donald Trump will not concede. He will contest.

    Donald Trump, the true patriot that he is, would rather bleed than concede.

    After the election, Trump is going to need our support so he and Melania will be able to take their rightful place in the White House.

    Those who truly support democracy do not accept the results of rigged elections.

How is this election rigged?

I am asked numerous times, just how is this election rigged?

The simple answer is to point to the Power Elite's control of the media, but it goes beyond that.

First of all, Electromagnetic Pulse technology (EMP) will be used to target voting machines in precincts that lean Republican. The emissions will emanate from black helicopters and remotely controlled solar powered drones. This will result in a random scrambling of the voting machine data which will be to the statistical benefit of Democrats.

Second, and more disturbing, Microwave Harassment will be employed to dissuade targeted Republicans from traveling to the polls.


A simple microwave oven, door removed, with the door interlock switch bypassed, and held against a bedroom wall, can cause a variety of vague but disabling medical symptoms. Landlords have been using this technique to evict tenants for quite some time. The U.S. Navy has developed a far more sophisticated device with a reconfigurable antenna that can zero in on a target from a considerable distance, varying the wavelength of the beam, it's breadth, and it's intensity. On November 8th, there will be a lot Trump supporters who "just don't feel right" and won't fell up to traveling to their polling place to cast a ballot.

On November 8, the election will be stolen from us and it will therefor be invalid. Donald J. Trump will be the true president. On November 9, the struggle will begin.

To accept a rigged election is to turn your back on the Constitution.

I plan to defend the Constitution.

SARAH PALIN:  Trump will only accept 
"legitimate" election and anything else would 
betray those who "died" for freedom.

Top Ten Ways 
The Election 
is Rigged

2. Pentagon hackers and black box voting.

3. Electro-magnetic pulse emissions aimed at voting machines.

4. Microwave harassment of known Trump supporters.


5. Dark Web dissemination of Social Security lists to register dead Democrats.

6. A coordinated, last minute Bimbo Campaign to smear Mr. Trump.

7. Registering seasonal farmworkers at more than one location so they can vote more than once.

8. Registering farmworkers in the first place.

9. Offers on Craigslist to pay for election rigging operatives.

10. U.S. Postal workers destroying Trump ballots.

11.  An organized effort to give co-workers the silent treatment or to talk behind their back if they support Trump. 

to be issued on
November 8th:

elected Donald J. Trump on November 8, 2016 but the Power Elite rigged the election and the Main Stream Media is spreading the lie that it was Hillary Clinton who got the most votes. 

Everybody knows that's an absurd lie. Trump rallies attracted thousands and thousands of people but the MSM never pointed their cameras at the crowds. And those cameras never showed all of the empty seats at Clinton's rallies. 

Rigged elections are not valid.

Donald J. Trump is the legitimate President of the United States.

Fooled by the MSM lies, law enforcement and the military are taking orders from the Power Elite. It's only brute force, not the truth, that is standing in the way of Donald J. Trump and his beautiful wife Melania taking up residence in the White House. But this is only temporary because the truth will eventually prevail.

WE THE PEOPLE must not give in and recognize Hillary Clinton as the new president because that would be caving into a lie. And Donald Trump is not a loser. She is.

WE THE PEOPLE must stand firm and we must regard Donald J. Trump as the president-elect.

On January 20th, Donald J. Trump will take the Oath of Office at a yet to be determined site. Afterward, there will be a inauguration ball with Kid Rock and Ted Nugent providing the music. Details to follow.

After January 20th, we must refer to Donald J. Trump as "President Trump" or as "Mr. President."

On January 21st, President Trump will announce his cabinet. Newt Gingrich, Secretary of State. Rudy Guiliani, Attorney General. Chris Christie, Secretary of Transportation. 

President Trump  will actively solicit recognition from foreign powers. Word has it that the great country of Russia is lined up to be  the first to recognize the Trump government.

In the meantime, what can we do? 

The Minute Men of West Ohio

1. If you have children that attend public school, tell them that their teachers probably don't know that Trump is the new, real president. Tell your children that Jesus doesn't want them to say bad words but it's OK to substitute the word "bitch" for "president" when referring to Hillary Clinton. 

2. If you have a survival shelter, now is the time to check the shelf life of all of your supplies. 

3. If you own a gun, and I'm pretty sure you do, sell it if it's registered in your own name. And then replace it with a gun that is unregistered. If you don't know where to get unregistered firearms, visit the black neighborhood of your nearest city and bring cash. Expect to pay more if the serial numbers are scratched off but it's worth it.

4. Wear an American flag lapel pin. 
That way in a crowd we'll know who we are.

Where to buy Reynolds Wrap online

The First 100 Days

NEW YORK—Assuring the nation he would work quickly and tirelessly to carry out his agenda, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reportedly issued a press statement Monday mapping out his first 100 days of not conceding the 2016 election. 

I will get to work on day one questioning the final vote tally, and I promise that I will not rest during my first week until I’ve discredited Hillary Clinton’s victory with repeated accusations that she orchestrated a widespread conspiracy to steal the election, 

read the message from Trump in part, which went on to note that the candidate had already assembled a team of top legal experts to help him transition to a full-time schedule of filing lawsuits against state and local election boards and major media outlets. 

Within my first 10 days, I will introduce a comprehensive plan for my disgruntled supporters to march on the White House, and by day 30, I will submit a formal petition demanding Clinton’s immediate removal from office.

In addition, throughout the entire 100-day period, I vow to keep the American people fully updated on my progress by continuing to appear on radio and television programs, commenting on current affairs and criticizing Clinton’s history of misconduct as if I’m still in the running to be president.

Trump added that while the first 100 days will be an important measure of his success, his vision goes far beyond those initial three months, and he looks forward to fiercely disputing the legitimacy of a Clinton presidency for the next four years.

Craigslist Recruitment

Wikileaks Transcript
Implicates Clinton and Campaign Staff


Transcript of conversation at 

Clinton Campaign Headquarters.  


     Hillary Clinton

     Bill Clinton

     Huma Abedin

     John Podesta

     Donna Brazile

HC:  How are we going to win this thing? Trump keeps climbing in the polls. I worked long and hard for this moment and now Trump is going to steal it from me! 

JP: There is only one thing we can do.

HC: What’s that? 

JP: We’ve got to steal it from HIM!. 

HC: But how?

JP: We’ve got to rig the election. 

HA: Yes, just like we do in my home town of Arabia!

JP: Exactly. We need to bribe the election officials in every state.

BC: That’s going to cost a lot of money.

HC: Heck, I can get all the money we need from my Wall Street cronies. What else?

JP: We get the Navy to aim and activate their Electromagnetic Pulse devices.

HA: Good! Good! I have a little one in my bedroom. Anthony gave it to me!

JP: No, this is for voting machines. It scrambles the data. We’ll target Republican leaning precincts.

HC: What else?

JP: We let loose with a Microwave Harassment campaign to target likely Trump voters starting on November 7. It will make them feel too sick to go to vote the next day.

HC: Like we did to Monica? For fun?

HA: Praise Allah. Yes. Great fun!

BC: What?


DB: Let’s move on.

HC: Look, I think we’re going to need drones and black helicopters. Bill, make yourself useful and get those lined up.

BC: What about the media?

DB: They’re already in our back packet. Just don’t open your mouth and there will be no problem.

BC: What are we going to do about Ivanka? She’s been out giving speeches and she’s turning around the pussy vote.

HC: Bill, show some class!

HA: Anthony told me that word. I know that word.

JP: The problem with Ivanka is that she’s so good looking. 

HC: That’s true. Every time I see her on TV I look at Chelsea and I get depressed. 

HA: It means little cat. Anthony told me.

JP: Be sure Chelsea stays away from the TV cameras.

HC: And all photographers.

BC: I wonder if I’m even her father.

HC: Bill, you’ll never know.

JP: Let’s see, the media is in the bag, we’re going to use Wall Street Money for bribes, we’ve got electromagetic pulse and the microwave harassment technology from the military. What else?

DB: Well, it still looks bad. I think the only thing else can do is pray.

HC: It can’t hurt. Huma, start us off.

HA: Should we say the one about the deplorable Fox News infidels, how their heads will roll?

HC: Yeah, the more blood the better. Praise Allah! Win this for us, Allah!

Does Huma Abedin belong in the White House?


  Look at her.                  I don't think so.

Veritas Video I  showing the dark, backroom dealings of the Clinton Campaign!

Veritas Video II showing the dark, backroom dealings of the Clinton Campaign!

"I am sad when bullies on computer, they are mean.  
Very sad. Do not be mean!  Donald hits bully ten time stronger. 
So bully, watch out, loser!"

Trump's 12th Bimbo Accuser Caught 
On Video With Man Not Her Husband!

Jessica Drake inside her kitchen with 
someone who could be Paul Ryan.

Fun fact: Salma Hayek is 4' 8" tall.

Stand firm. Get The Man off your back. He can only get on your back if you don't stand up straight. Because then he'll slide off. Show good posture. 

Stand with The Real President. Donald J. Trump!


Join the struggle to defend the True Outcome!