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Name: David Miguel da Silva Ferreira
Birth in: 19-11-1992
Local: Nicho dos Rodrigos - Torres Novas, Portugal
Technology knowledge: PHP, Python, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, C, Windows, GNU/Linux systems, wired and wireless networks, security, hardware, electricity.
Passions/Hobbies: Music (<insert music player name> is running 24/7), networks, computers in general.
Projects where I have participated or still participate: Equipa de Traduções (translation team) do Portugal-a-Programar.org (P@P) ex-leader, Revista PROGRAMAR (colaborator since earlier editions), P@P Wiki colaborator, PyTeam member and ex-lider, PHP Throwdown P@P team member, PTsec ex-SuperModerator, P@P Design Team ex-member, P@P DevTeam ex-co-lider e KISC ex-developer (discontinued). I've also participated in #Botdom and #h3lp in dAmn, I was a tester of Futurism, xbot and Rubot, created TugaBot, Audacious XChat Announcer and Wataplayah with 2 friends, among other stuff.
Events where I participated: CPAS'2008@CIC (6th place with Francisco Huhn), ONI'2008 (11th place at the qualification stage, 18th place at the final stage).

MSN: djthyrax@djthyrax.tk / djthyrax@djthyrax.com / djthyrax@gmail.com
Email: djthyrax@gmail.com
Jabber/GTalk: djthyrax@gmail.com
IRC: djthyrax @ irc.PTnet.org