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The World's Biggest Morning Tea is an event originally called "Australia's Biggest Morning Tea". Reason being that in 2005 it raised over $7.2 million and this got the event in the Guinness Book of Records as the World's Largest Similtaneous Tea Party. Pretty awesome, hey!

Once again, this year I, Derek Jay Steen, want to bring the event to the world! If Australia can raise that kind of money and create that kind of record then imagine what the world can do for this great cause!

The event raises money for The Cancer Council of Australia - a not-for-profit foundation that uses fundraised money to research cancer and how to cure it.

How giddy up will it be the day that they finally find a way to conquer the dreaded cancer! I'd love to be a part of that! I've been able to see a new millenium, double-decker jumbo jets, hydroden/hybrid/biodiesel cars, tv's on cell phones, podcasting, and of course terrorism. Imagine seeing "Cancer cured by Australian's" on the front over of newspapers and digital devices world-wide!

On the 24th of May (2007), the Official day to have a morning tea. I'm going to have a SkypeCast LiveTalk for all you people joining in the Morning Tea at the same time as me. This will be at 0800hrs Australian Eastern Standard Time. Join the SkypeCast LiveTalk here
For more event info see: PodTea For Cancer blog.

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