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2006 | The Beginning

PodTea For Cancer was founded and created in April/May of 2006 and held in May of 2006. 
It's first year was a wicked success in my mind. 

  • I got the approval from Australia's Biggest Morning Tea to use their logo on a "Limited Edition PodTea For Cancer" mug I had for available for sale on my CafePress Store. 3 mugs and 2 Steins were bought; that's US$25 worth of donations to the foundation.
  • We had up to 10 people on a SkypeCast at one point during the Official Morning Tea on the 25th May (which occured between 8am-10am AEST).
  • We raised around $100AUD for The World's Biggest Morning Tea.

I'm so happy everyone got so involved! Thanks to everyone who donated, bought mugs, and overall were just involved.

PodTea For Cancer will definately be back in 2007

~ Derek

Ps. For updates check the PodTea For Cancer blog.