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What is any party without music? Whether it's a wedding, birthday party or office function, good music makes the party! And if you have a DJ that knows his business and on top of that loves what he does, your party will rock! This is where DJ Pieter's Mobile Disco can help you. It doesn't matter whether you are getting married, having a birthday or just entertaining your staff, I have a vast selection of music that I update on a monthly basis. My favourite kind of party is where I get to play a lot of langarm/sokkie/Afrikaans music, but it does not stop there. I cater for everybody, whether you like rock, old school, country or the latest pop and R & B, I have it all.
To me every wedding, party or function is personal. I insist on meeting with every client in person. This way I get to know you and your likes and dislikes in music. If you hire me to be your DJ, your worries stop right there. To find the right music and to make sure that you and your guests stay on the dance floor, is my job. To organize events is a big job and you shouldn't still have to worry about the music. If you don't have a Master of Ceremonies, I can do that too at no extra charge.
I am not a DJ because I need the money. I do this because I love it. I buy all my music legally and I own all my equipment and that is costly. So I have to charge you something to cover my expenses, but it is way cheaper than the professional okes that make a living off it. My fees depend on how far I have to travel and on how long you want me to play. Pop me an email or phone me for a quotation.
DJ Pieter entertaining the kids while the "big people" have supper! 
A little bit about DJ Pieter.
DJ Pieter (that's me) started playing music at birthday parties when he was just 11 years old. He always had the latest music as well as the latest sound system (within a school boy's budget, of course) and it made perfect sense for everyone in the school to use him for all their parties.When he started working as a credit controller at a bank, his collegues soon found out about his love for music and pretty soon he was playing for all their parties.
Today DJ Pieter is 42 years old, married with two wonderful kids, sales manager at Tygerberg Caravans (  and still enjoying his hobby of playing music to make the world dance to.
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Skype:    dieoumetdiewitleeu
Phone:     .0844480743. all hours
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