Pat Pervert is a New York-born Punk/Alternative DJ promoter and performer. Starting in 91 till now he has gone from an R&B childhood to hardcore Punk and Alternative as a young adult. It was time for a change and Punk culture embraced him with knowledge and music for the past 27 years. '' The 90's Generation revival''. In that time Pat Pervert has worked as an audio engineer/a front man for a controversial street punk band Deviant Behavior, tattoo shops, bar backing, Guitar Center, Lighting and staging, various warehouse jobs and DJ/promotions. Most of those 27 years were spent in the Politically charged Lower East Side/East Villiage and Alphabet City Manhattan working, promoting, squatting/rioting and fighting for the artist and low-income people. Currently residing in Harlem NY and looking for investment, booking, management and international travel.


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                '' Music and art can change the world if only you can find the resource needed to reach the people''

                                    "If you were back then and you are not now then you never were."

Music 89-present

Punk (Doom/Hardcore/Melodic/Fusion/Proto) 1970's to late 1990's and some modern.

Industrial (hardcore rock/dance/noise/experimental/Cyber/Metal).

Gothic/Post Punk (Death Rock/Victorian/Gothic Rock/Alternative/Fusion).

New Wave (Punkwave/New Romantic/Darkwave/Minimal/80's).

Psychobilly ( 90's/00 hardcore upbeat/Punkabilly/some western/Rockabilly).

Ska (1st, 2nd, 3rd wave/ 2 tones/fusion/60's soul, dub, psychedelic/Rude Boy). 

Childhood> 70 funk/disco and soul/80 hiphop/r&b/80's pop and freestyle/80 dancehall/late 80's house/techno


Dystopian/Apocalypse/Sci-Fi Horror/Sci-Fi Comedy/ B movies/Independent/Short Film/80's and 70's Gore/Documentary/Fantasy/Classic Sunday Morning Cartoons/ Demonic Horror