DJ Overdose stared mixing from an early age.  Before owning his own turntables he used to make mix tapes by dubbing clips from other tapes and the radio together.  He got his first decks and started DJ'ing when he was 15. He was mostly mixing rave and hardcore both in his bedroom and also at parties for friends.  Unfortunately his beloved 1200's and some vinyl were stolen meaning he had to make a new start with some very basic decks and start to buy vinyl again.

Over the years he
built up his vinyl collection and continued to play at parties sticking with the hardcore genre, even doing a few guest sets of various pirate radio stations popular at the time.  It wasn't long before he was being paid for gigs, but eventually this did mean he had to change some of the music he played.

DJ Overdose has played at several large venues in and around London, most of which were garage nights. He says his garage days are now behind him as he only took up playing garage because the Hardcore genre seemed to collapse in the late 1990's!  Which it did... 

Also during this garage faze, DJ Overdose did a stint on Mirage FM, a underated and shortlived pirate station based in North London playing underground House and Garage.

Now DJ Overdose is back to his early days of hardcore, as the genre is making a strong comeback. He is planning to help the scene along by making his own unique style of hardcore, with influences set back in the early 90's.  The first few attempts can be heard on the MP3 page.  Feedback is always welcome, but he is still fairly new to producing.  The tunes made so far are getting better, but producing is on hold for the time being.

DJ Overdose has also played on South London pirate radio station Entice FM alongside DJ Gunnee.  Playing both classic old skool and happy hardcore.  This led to a few small club dates and house parties around London playing the music he enjoys.

In addition DJ Overdose has been involved in several other events in London.  Mostly playing Old Skool, Funky House, Hard house.  These were repeat events, that proved quite popular during the few years they were going. 

Kandy Floss, a more relaxed event playing Funky House and Old Skool took place every other  Friday and ran for a few stints of 6 months. MMAD (Music Makes A Difference) ran for a shorter time playing all types of house and has recently been started up again at a new, bigger venue.

DJ Overdose is pretty much a legend in his own home now, or as he likes to call it "Club Recession"! But he vows to stay committed to the scene and he may well make an appearance on a radio station or at a club near you soon.

Keep it locked, keep it old skool.

"House is where you live, garage is where you park your car. Hardcore is a f@&king feeling, man!" - DJ Overdose