Djorick's Curse

"...the controls and the gameplay are well executed and it will surely be a great challenge for fans of brain games. So download it and see for how long you can resist Djorick’s curse!"

Brings you a new, fast-paced, RPG match game for your Android or Kindle!

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The Curse of Djorick has been released and it is up to you to push back the minions from whence they came. Arcane spells will aide you as you battle increasingly powerful and cunning enemies (who can unleash spells of their own)!

Game Play:

Match 3 tiles of similar type or more to attack, heal, repair, or collect gold in this match three style role playing game. Think Diablo 3 meets Bejeweled. It is a great way to enjoy a Dungeons and Dragons style game on your Android device.

**After the recent update**

*10 unique monsters--with more to come!
*31 unique spells--with more to come!
*2 Hero classes, each with 3 subclasses for dynamic play styles!
*Collect coins and upgrade your weapons and armor whenever you want--the shop is always open!
*tons of unique weapons, armor, and potions--equip rare and epic gear to aid you on your quest!
*3 modes of difficulty each with progressive challenges!
*Constant save system: quite the game and return at any time!
* Unique skill choices within each class--you choose how you want to play!
* Great replay value.
*Free future updates: new classes, monsters, spells and more!

We are a developer and artist that are fans of Dungeon Raid and wanted to add our own unique twist to the genre of tile-matching RPGs!

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