Latest Installer Version: v1.3 (Rev2) 

Installer Package Contents:

  • Need For Speed: World Original Gamefiles
    (Build 1613)

  • Soapbox Race World Launcher
    (Build v1.0 CLOSED BETA)

  • Nilzao's Soapbox Lan Server
    (Build v1.0 Beta)

  • Keule's Offline Server Mod
    (Build v1.9.3)

  • DJ_Edyo's Custom Game Launcher
    (Build v1.3 Revision2)

  • DJ_Edyo's Language Selector
    (Build v1.0)

  • Flash Player Update
    (Needed for the use of the game launcher)

Current Known Bugs:
  • Can't See Players in freeroam.
    (Soapbox Lan server only supports 2 players when joining in races lobby's.)
  • Can See Players in lobby but not in the race.
    (Happens when trying to play whit more than 2 players or if one of the 2 players desync's due to his game experiencing anomalies such as, too much Packet Loss/Lag/Firewall block or having to old hardware to run the game at a stable 30 fps. Anyway, if a game starts with no players showing up, the lobby will either close or still work as a time trial race.) 
  • Economy/Leveling & Rewards does not works in the Soapbox Lan Server.
    (Works only in the offline server version atm, Players in the Soapbox Server have unlimited 
    In-game credits/speedboost anyway)
  • Buying car slots puts game Into an infinite loading loop state.
    (Players have unlimited car slots anyway, so just don't use it.)
  • No Cop's in freeroam (Game Alpha-Beta Feature). 
    (Players can start pursuit's in
     missions anyway.)
  • Can't do some Team Escapes in singleplayer.
    (no SP data available on the server.)
  • Can't do some Drag Races in singleplayer.
    (no SP data available on the server.)

Lan Server Changelog:
Release v1.0 BETA - Nilzao
 Added Basic Functional UDP sync server and Soapbox race server support.
 Replaced nfsw.exe to Soapbox.exe it can receive calls from soapbox-race server.
 Option to join server uppon IPv4 address. (ex:
 Option to join server as another player by changing the phrase "1" into another number. (so server can recognize a new USER)
✔ Persona Management (create / delete drivers)

Offline Server Changelog:
New Features:
✔ Added Persona Management (create / delete drivers)
✔ Added Carslot System, new Cars can't be bought if you haven't enough Carslots available
✔ Added Durability System, after finishing an Event your Car loses 2% of its health
✔ Added Time-Bonuses for Events, longer Events will give you more Cash
✔ Events on Map are now level-based, for reaching a new Level you'll unlock new Events
✔ You are now able to set an Motto for different Drivers
✔ You are now able to create Drivers ingame with lowercase Characters
✔ Increased TH Rewards, you now have to collect 30 Gems to finish an TH, not 15

✔ Fixed a Bug, where an wrong ProductID was used when trying to buy an Skillmod
✔ Fixed a Bug, where an wrong Resellprice was calculated for Performance-Parts
✔ Fixed a Bug, where Players were not able to sell multiple Parts from their Inventory
✔ Fixed a Bug, where Skillmod-Inventory Parts could only be sold for 0 IGC
✔ Fixed a Bug, where Players couldn't be able to pass Level 9

Other Changes:
✔ Increased Server-Performance, static XML content is now hardcoded in Server
✔ Removed broken TH-Streaks as there is a Bug in resetting to Day 0 (trying to fix)

Missing Features:
✘ Cardpack Shop System
✘ Achievement Progression System

 Installer v1.3 (Rev2) Download Link 
 [Released: March ‎31, ‎2017] 
 [Updated: April ‎09, ‎2017] 
Download v1.3 Rev3

 Installer v1.2 Download Link 
 [Released: August ‎27, ‎2016] 
Download v1.2

 Installer v1.1 Download Link 
 [Released: September ‎30, ‎2015]