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DJ Mossy short mix with a minamal Dubstep flow please comment & share to help promote great music.

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My name is Stuart Moss a current DeeJay playing in and around Bristol uk,I've loved music ever since I was a young lad playing the top 40 every week lessening to new styles of music braking throw,when I reached the grand age of 14-15 I found out about rave's and rave music,my older friends where going out to raves what I didn't get straight away ,why would any body want to go to a field in the middle of nowhere and dance all night ?.......
Then at 15 1/2  I decided I was going to go to a party,me and two of my mates found a small rave in are local UNI ...........WoW what amazing night the music bass people I couldn't be leave what I've been missing out on & in a way wish I started when my friends did but at least I had the taste for the music and whole rave scene.
Now out partying every weekend my love grow more and more until I wanted to mix my own tunes,at this time the rave scene started to divide up into there own genre of music I opted for the techno side with the heavy Gabber I played pubs,clubs after many years of staying in mixing every night and day it paid off I was a DJ.

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Back in the 90's my name was getting about with flyers with my name on :) excited much


My first promotion Cheers which was rammed to the rafters.

After few great years raving and DJing the whole rave started turning in a direction where I didn't want to go with fights & attitude so as most people did i stopped going out.

So a few years down the line I wanted to make a come back but after so many changes to music what would I play,after long hard work, looking for a genre what suited me now a days I found Dubstep .

I still love techno,house electro stuff & D&B but I thought instead of saying,I'm this sort of Dj,but I play every thing to hand,i thought it would be easier promoting Myself as a Dubstep DJ then if the avenues open up for other genre I kno I can play it.

My life now lies with INTUITION nights which bring forward thinking music with there Drum & Bass nights & bass driven beats they pray on liquid tech rather than a jump up party, which in return brings a happy friendly vibe to the events the same I used to see in the 90's.

I'm still old skool using vinyls where & when ever I can but with regular gigs the blessing of cdj's make a cheaper option to records, which becomes very expensive, plus you can come off with a huge set with just your IT skills.