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DJ Mayham has been a Disc Jockey since 1996. As a High Energy Mobile DJ, Mayham currently spins Main Stream, EDM, Hip Hop, Caribbean, Oldies, Country, Reggae, Rap, Rock, Beach, House and Top 40 (past or present) music ranging from radio to club music. 

     His Mobile set has DJ'd Club and Concert venued events, ranging from Circuit Shows, Tours, Private Parties, Block Parties, Benefits,  Sweet 16's, Birthdays, Ceremonies, Corporate Parties, Dances, National Cheerleading Competitions, Family Reunions, Graduations, Holiday, Event Venues, and Weddings.  Taking Pride in being Versatile.
     Whether its CD, MP3, or Vinyl DJ Mayham has provided a DJ/MC performance to build, warm, and peak the night away.