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D´herbe Foundation


Outer|Face is manly focused on three main songs of the Inner|Face album, in the form of Remixes, made by some of the main agitators "Staging" electronic producers such as MastikSoul, Dj Grouse, Dub Tigers, China DJ, and the Belgian Ramon Tapia, one of the great revelations in the new  electronic music scene having releases on labels like Great Stuff, Craft Music, Turbo, the Canadian Tiga.
We expect these tracks to create great expectations from djs and the general public. OUTER | FACE is out now available in all stores, also in digital format on all major portals for legal download




Dj Grouse pres. J.Lee feat. Katorz
“Love & Happiness E.p"
Kaos records

New Ep  from Dj Grouse out now!!!
Includes Mastiksoul ,Deep in, 3 Monkeys on the moon and also Dj Grouse remixes of worlwide Hit " Feelin magic " and  from the new single " Indecision".


Out now
Feelin´Magic & Indecision new remixes


New remixes from Midnight Society for Dj Grouse´s new single "Indecision"  and from portuguese top producer Massivedrum for the hit single "Feelin´magic" supported by Roger Sanchez.

By Kaos rec.


“ Feelin´magic “

The Dj and Portuguese producer Dj Grouse, in partnership with J. Lee and Katorz are the greatest disclosure in Portuguese dance music as they see their music ‘Feelin’ Magic’ be recognised by one of the biggest Djs of the world, Roger Sanchez.
Dj Grouse pres. J. Lee feat. Katorz was one of the winning projects in the upfront track competition held by Roger Sanchez in his radio programme Release Yourself.
Roger Sanchez describes the music as jazzy and very soulful and as a track that says a lot to him and definitely had to be one of the winners of the contest promoted by him.



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