A Note
Please read this. Seriously.

       All of the original pieces of music that I've messed around with to create the tracks here are owend by the original artists who created them.  If you enjoy these tracks, please go out and patronize (in the good way) those original artists. I've created these tracks because I'm a fan of music and I'm a fan of those particular artists. In fact, mashups have introduced me to artists that I would have never listened to before.

      So, please, don't sue me. I've only done these for the entertainment of myself and others, not to take any revenue from the artists. I believe that such tracks (like radio play) actually provide free publicity for the artists instead of "stealing" money from them, and that remixes and mashups are expressions of creativity that are very different from just pirating music. However, this belief is my belief, and those with the money and the power may (and probably will) differ. It's a sad truth.