Welcome to the home page of DJ Azraella Actor's Ecstasi Amantes group. Here you will find information on when DJ ---Az--- is broadcasting plus information on fun places to go and good times to be had in Second Life, feel free to browse around and if you wish further information please contact  Azraella  via the contact details at the bottom of this page.

DJ Azraella ActorI'd like to give a warm welcome to all visitors and hope that you listen in to my sets. I am passionate about trance and although new to mixing I am having so much fun I hope I can share just a little of what I feel through my sets. Happy listening and I hope you enjoy the music.

Live mixing DJ sessions! 
Vocal Trance 
Goa, Psy Trance 

DJane for hire!! 
If you would like a live DJane at your party or event and you love Trance then IM me. I mix live and will work from 1 hour to 4 hour sessions depending on your need. 
I have club experience but no longer wish to be a resident DJ in clubs. 
My fees are 200 L$ per hour plus tips 100% 
I do not use a mic 
I do not play jingles 
A Trance session is an unbroken musical experience, uplifting and euphoric. with rich beats and sublime vocal melodies. If this is what you want for your event then IM me inworld for Second Life. 
I am a 'club experience' DJane not a radio DJ who just plays tracks and chats incessantly during crossovers. If you want a babbling platter pilot I'm not your girl.