About DJAM Dance 

What's this all about, anyway?? 

DJAM Dance is a group of four dancers in Chicago that got together to throw some new and exciting ideas into the Chicago Lindy Hop scene. It's not a very creative name, it's just our initials...

D is for Dan - Dan was born to dance Lindy Hop. Unfortunately nobody bothered to inform him of this, so the first 26 years of his life were spent unsuccessfully pursuing a career as a professional gadfly. Dan was extraordinarily good at gadflying, but unfortunately he was also extraordinarily bad at getting people to pay him for gadflying. In 1998 he discovered dance, and the world hasn't recovered yet (think of it like a hangover). At various times since 2001 he's been a member of three different troupes, performing at Dance Chicago and other events. He began teaching in 2003 at the University of Chicago for CSDS, where he still teaches (and occasionally gadflies). In 2006 he partnered with Andrea Hundt, and the two of them have been terrorizing students ever since. Dan is known for his dynamic style and vintage aesthetic.

J is for James - James first learned the charleston one rainy night in 1999, and has been dancing ever since, stopping only to eat and occasionally change his socks. Since being introduced to the joys of social dancing, he has studied jazz, lindy hop, charleston, balboa, tango, and blues dancing with world-renowned instructors, danced with followers old and young, and built an extensive collection of low-fidelity music. In addition to being a fanatic social dancer, he is an occasional DJ and an experienced teacher, having taught most recently with ItsAllSwing Studio in Boston and Providence Swingsin Rhode Island. His favorite bandleader is Count Basie, his favorite dance move is the scarecrow, and sometimes he sincerely wishes that it were 1936 again.

A is for Andrea - Andrea was raised by a pack of wild lindy hoppers in the Wild West. She made her way to Chicago in 2006, where Dan Skibo swiftly inducted her into the Chicago chapter of the Loyal Order of Gadfly. Fortunately DJAM Dance has rescued her from spending too much time with the LOG, so that she can continue to pursue Lindy Hop.

M is for Mary - Mary has been swing dancing since 1998 when she took lindy hop classes from Rob and Diane in Redwood City, CA. Since then, she has become an avid swing dancer, adding balboa to her repertoire in 2003. She has taught dance at Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, MIT, and most recently at Fizz in Chicago. She has traveled all over the United States and the world to study with world-renowned instructors. In 2006, she placed 5th in the Balboa jack and jill at Boston Tea Party, 1st in the newcomer's competition at All Balboa Camp Detroit, 1st place in the Madison Invasion jack and jill lindy hop contest, 1st in the Willowbrook Ballroom Balboa jack and jill (with James!), and was a jack and jill finalist at SF Balboa Fest. In her spare time, you can find Mary sleeping and eating.

Together we're DJAM Dance. We like to pronounce it "Dee Jam", kinda like the C Jam Blues. (Got that Carl? "Dee Jam." not "D'Jam!") :)