Call for Papers: Advances in Econometrics, Volume 39

The Econometrics of Complex Survey Data: Theory and Applications


The assumption of simple random sampling is widely used in applied work in the social, behavioral, biomedical sciences as well as in public policy. However, this assumption is seldom the case. Stratified and cluster sampling are routinely used by most statistical agencies in the world, and because of budgetary reasons the actual sampling process is much more complicated. Correct practices called for careful consideration of these Complex Survey designs when performing estimation and inference. Volume 39 of the series Advances in Econometrics (AiE) will focus on the Econometrics analysis of Complex Survey data, and aims at providing novel methodological and empirical research in this literature.


This call for papers is aimed at economists, econometricians, survey methodologists, and statisticians who can contribute to produce a research volume. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

·       Measurement error and precision of subjective data.

·       Novel survey data developments from consumer, firm, and other sources.

·       Data combination (data linkage with administrative and Big Data).

·       Clustering, stratification, weighting, and variance estimation.

·       Non-ignorable response.

·       Small area estimation.


Selected papers will appear in Advances in Econometrics, Vol. 39. The volume will be edited by Gautam Tripathi (, David T. Jacho-Chavez (, and Kim P. Huynh ( The selected submissions will undergo standard peer-reviewed process to determine suitability for publication. Please e-mail complete papers no later than 17:00 EDT on 30 June 2017 to:


Review of submitted manuscripts will commence shortly thereafter. Review of the submissions for publications will take place after the presentations (see below). The accepted articles will appear in print in late 2018 or early 2019. Feel free to contact the editors with inquires.




As part of Advances in Econometrics, volume 39, a research conference will be held at the Bank of Canada new conference center on Thursday, October 19th and Friday, October 20th, 2017 in Ottawa, ON, Canada.


A selection of accepted manuscripts will be presented and discussed in this conference. Partial funding for presenters, discussants and invited attendees is available thanks to the generosity of the Bank of Canada. The local organizing committee includes Kim P. Huynh ( and Heng Chen (


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