Gini Corrado

                                                                                                                Italian Statisticians                                            

            Corrado Gini

 Born May 23 1884 - Motta di Livenza, Treviso
 Died March 13 1965 - Rome
 Residence, Nationality
Rome , Italian
 Researche Interest
 Education Graduated in law,he studied mathematics,economics and biology.
 Accademic Positions
1909 University of Cagliari, University of Padua 1913, 1925 - La Sapienza University of Rome

 Honours, Awards
 Know For
Economics by the Catholic University of Milan (1932), Sociology by the University of Geneva (1934), Sciences by Harvard University (1936), Social Sciences by the University of Cordoba, Argentine (1963).

He entered the Faculty of Law at the University of Bologna, where in addition to law he studied mathematics, economics, and biology. His subsequent scientific work ran in two directions, towards the social sciences, and towards statistics. His interests ranged well beyond the formal aspects of statistics to the laws that govern biological and social phenomena.

His first published work was, Il sesso dal punto di vista statistico (1908) This work is a thorough review of the natal sex ratio looking at past theories and at how new hypothesis fit the statistical data. In particular, it presents evidence that the tendency to produce one or other sex of child is to some extent heritable. In 1910 he acceded to the Chair of Statistics in the University of Cagliari and then at Padua in 1913. He founded the statistical journal Metron in 1920 which he directed until his death and which never accepted articles that did not have practical applications. He became a professor at the University of Rome in 1925. At the University, he founded a lecture course on sociology, which he maintained until his retirement. He also set up the School of Statistics, in 1928, and, in 1936, the Faculty of Statistical, Demographic and Actuarial Sciences.

In 1929 Gini founded the Italian Committee for the Study of Population Problems (Comitato italiano per lo studio dei problemi della popolazione) which, two years later, organised the first Population Congress in Rome.

In 1926 he was appointed President of the Central Institute of Statistics in Rome. This he organised as a single centre for Italian statistical services. He resigned in 1932 in protest at interference in his work by the fascist state.


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 Written by Maurizio Vichi