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The files listed below accompany the article "Do It Yourself: Video Self Modeling Made Easy."

The article describes simple steps for capturing and editing video on a laptop. It also provides a description of projects that include video self modeling (VSM) such as the ACE Reading project.

1. Video #1: Using Video Self Modeling to Support Reading Skills (video overview, duration: 5:20)

This video illustrates how a tutor and student work together to practice several literacy skills, such as reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. In the video, the tutor uses video self modeling to videotape the student as he echo reads with her. She creates a VSM project geared towards reading fluency.

2. Video #2:  Capturing and Editing Video in iMovie (video tutorial, duration: 5:10)

This tutorial illustrates the basic steps for capturing and editing video in iMovie for the Mac (relevant for iMovie '08, '09, '11)


3. Step-by-step written directions on capturing and editing video in iMovie (PDF file)

Download the PDF file attached below. It provides written step-by-step directions for capturing/editing video in iMovie.  This file accompanies the Video #2 above.
K Rao,
Jul 22, 2011, 6:02 PM