Diy Thermal Camera

    thermal camera
  • A camera that shows cold/hot spots coming off people or objects.
  • A thermographic camera, sometimes called a FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed) or infrared camera less specifically, is a device that forms an image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light.
  • Specialized camera used to capture and register heat/cool signatures that cannot be explained by human activity.
  • Do-it-yourself
  • Do it yourself (or DIY) is a term used to describe building, modifying, or repairing of something without the aid of experts or professionals.
  • Do It Yourself; To perform oneself a task usually relegated to an expert
  • (DIYed) Simple past of DIY
diy thermal camera
diy thermal camera - Meade 12-Inch
Meade 12-Inch LightBridge (f/5) Truss-Tube Dobsonian
Meade 12-Inch LightBridge (f/5) Truss-Tube Dobsonian
Aperture: 12-Inch. Focal Length: 1524mm. Focal Ratio: f/5. It’s not just a big telescope. It’s a big telescope that goes anywhere. New LightBridge truss-Dobs from Meade take down and set up quickly. So you can take one of these massive windows on the universe out to your favorite dark sky locations with ease. LightBridge Dobs give you high quality Meade optics, premium components, and ultra portability — all for about the same price as an ordinary tube Dob. So get a LightBridge truss-Dob. And prepare to cross the universe. FEATURES: Diffraction Limited Optics Meade optics consistently outperform telescopes of similar and larger aperture. Consumers know that “Meade Optics Inside” means that what they see through our telescopes will be views that are detailed, crisp and full of contrast. 2-Inch Crayford-Style Machined Aluminum Focuser With 1.25-Inch Adapter Smooth precise focusing is achieved with this classic design. A unique focus tension knob and focus lock design gives complete control over focus. Built-In Primary Mirror Cooling Fan Bring the telescope into thermal equilibrium quickly and efficiently with the battery powered cooling fan. The fan is mounted to the rear of the “vented” primary mirror cell for fast cool down.

setup for the floating strawberry
setup for the floating strawberry
white thermal Insulation foam tunnel capped with a diffuser panel, shoebox on the bottom, one strobe above it set on wide for general lighting. 1 strobe behind subject aimed at camera right for rim a mirrored "7" from black choroplast so the lighting wasn't that even. Needle threaded with fishing line, punched through the insulation, strawberry, insulation. (shopped out, but it was as easy as drawing 2 lines)
The inner fan & heatsink in place
The inner fan & heatsink in place
The ugly clip on the left holds the fan & heatsink flat to the cooling plate surface. The thermal grease liberally applied behind the heatsink ensures conductivity. (Past tests without the paste only got 10 degrees of cooling. The cooling plate was frosty, but the heatsink was only cool.)
diy thermal camera
FLIR First Mate MS-224 Handheld Maritime Thermal Night Vision Camera
FLIR is the world leader in Thermal Imaging. FLIR thermal imagers are affordable, high quality, and ideal for maritime use. They give boaters the power to see where they are going at night – Not a replacement for GPS and radar, thermal imagers complement these systems, filling in the holes and giving you true 24-hour vision. See clearly in total darkness - unlike other night vision systems, First Mate MS requires no light at all. See logs, rocks, land and other hazards that radar can miss. With the First Mate MS you can see a small vessel up to .8 miles away (MS-324). First Mate MS can help see people in the water better than any other night vision technology. Finding someone in the water after dark with a searchlight is more a matter of luck than skill, but First Mate lets you search large areas quickly. Bottom line: there is no better tool around to help you find a person in the water. With the First mate you can see a man overboard up to 1500' (MS-324 model). Use the First Mate MS anywhere you need to see at night. Because the First Mate MS is not permantly mounted to a vessel you can take it anywhere you need see clearly after dark. You can also use the First Mate MS for home security and watching wildlife. IP66 Submersible. Toggle between white hot, black hot and maritime red color palettes. 24' x 18' Field of View. Built in LCD Display. Adjust display brightness. Ultra Compact and Ultra Lightwieght - only 12oz. Internal Long Life, Rechareable Li-ion Battery. 5 Hours operating time on a full charge. Contact an applications expert at 877-773-3547.

Powerful FLIR night vision helps you navigate in total darkness, or spot a person in the water from great distances.
FLIR is the world leader in thermal imaging technology and products, and its line of maritime devices gives boaters the ability to safely see where their ship is headed at night, navigating with confidence. Intended to complement GPS and radar systems, FLIR devices help you spot floating debris, channel markers, and other boats in total darkness or poor weather, and let you extend you day on the water into a night on the water.
The compact, rugged First Mate MS-224 model is capable of spotting a small vessel up to 2,940 feet away, or a person in the water from as far as 1,050 feet -- much more effective than scanning with a spotlight. The unit is waterproof to an IP67 submersible rating, and floats when dropped in the water for easy recovery. The LCD display features "white hot" and "black hot" viewing modes, and provides a wide field of view. Also, because it's lightweight and highly portable, the First Mate is also a convenient tool for non-maritime applications, such as home security or viewing wildlife.

Thermal night vision lets you see in total darkness
Compact, lightweight, durable, and waterproof
Submersible (rated to IP67), and floats for easy recovery when dropped
Freeze Frame feature lets you see more detail when needed
Composite video output
Includes HM-Series handheld thermal camera, wrist strap, USB cable, and product CD

Thermal imaging:

240x180 VOx microbolometer detector
24-by-18-degree NTSC field of view
19-millimeter focal length
7.5-13.5 um waveband
Less than five-second start-up time
Fixed focus
FLIR proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement image processing
User interface:

On/off power button
Freeze Frame image capture
Toggles white hot/black hot/marine red polarity
Image presentation:

Built-in color LCD display
<9 Hz (NTSC and PAL) video refresh rate
Toggles white hot/black hot/marine red polarity

Internal lithium-ion camera battery
Five hours of operating time

IP67 submersible waterproof rating
-4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit operating temperature range

12-ounce weight
Measures 2.3 by 2.4 by 6.7 inches (W x H x D)

Detect person up to 1,050 feet away
Detect small vessel up to 2,940 feet away
FLIR's Maritime Product Awards
FLIR thermal imaging products have been honored from a number of maritime organizations and publications, for making vessels safer and navigation easier for personal leisure craft, as well as professional and public safety applications.

NMMA Innovation Award - Safety Equipment: The FLIR First Mate handheld thermal night vision camera won the prestigious 2010 National Maritime Manufacturer Association's (NMMA) Innovation Award in the Safety Equipment category
Sail Magazine - Pittman Innovation Award: FLIR's First Mate hand-held thermal imager was awarded a 2010 Pittman Innovation Award from Sail Magazine in the safety gear category
DAME Overall Winner and Safety Award: The FLIR M-626L thermal night vision system was selected as the 2009 DAME Safety Category Award Winner, and subsequently honored as the Overall winner, or best-in-show
NMEA "Best Specialty Product": For four years running, FLIR has taken home the Marine Specialty Award, sponsored by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Conference and Expo
Professional Mariner Magazine's "Plimsoll Award for Innovation": The FLIR Systems Navigator II marine thermal imager won the Plimsoll Award for Innovation
MotorBoating - "Best of the Year": MotorBoating Magazine recognizes the top marine electronics products and companies each year with its "Best of the Year Awards," and for two years running, FLIR has taken home prizes
This FLIR night vision device includes a limited two-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
About FLIR
FLIR was founded in 1978, originally providing infrared imaging systems that were installed on vehicles for use in conducting energy audits. The company later expanded its focus to other applications and markets for thermal imaging technology, such as stabilized thermal imaging cameras for law enforcement aircraft, radiometry devices for use in monitoring industrial systems, and thermal imaging systems for use in ground-based security and search and rescue. Today, FLIR is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of sensor systems that enhance perception and awareness for a wide variety of users in the commercial, industrial, and government markets.