While surffing around the internet I ran into some guys DIY solarpanel page. So I decided to build my own DIY solar system. I`m going to use this free energy to light some gardenlights whitch I`m also building my self. I built also a charge controller for loading lead acid battery. My goal was to make everything as cheap as I could. I bought only parts I had to and collected other material from different broken electric devices. I find this kind of recycling very ekological. At the end everything cost me less than 100€. Including parts for solarpanel, solar charge controller and 1W LEDs and led 12V drivers for garden lights. I live in Finland and my english could be horrible but I hope that pictures will speak for them selves.


-The third panel introduction 10/2011 Complete system

-Converting a riding lawnmower to electric. Project blog started at Lawnmowerconversion 9/2010

-SYSTEM IS NOW RUNNING AT Complete system 8/2010 also DIY gardenlights there

-New smaller panel and cutting cells at Solarpanel 2 5/2010

-Small LED flashlight modification in Retro flashlight LED mod 5/2010

-Testing the panel at "complete system" 4/2010


-Two more different type of panels coming.

Updated 4.1.2016

Panel 1
Panel 2