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If this site is view-able,  then were open to help you with your DIY audio/studio recording interests and project needs.

Welcome to Curious Audio . Here you will find many elusive and hard to find parts for quality vintage studio recording equipment & 
Guitar amplifier parts offered here at reasonable prices. Components offered for builds range from : Neve, API, SSL, EMI , Urei/Teletronix and others. Parts and updates added periodically so check back from time to time or just leave inquires on items of special interest. Guitar amp items are a new addition to this site since this is also one of our DIY passions and will be continually updated as unique and useful items become available. Check out the Catalog on the left side of this page,  updates and  new parts are continuous and ongoing to supply your DIY projects. Please note a majority of links on this site are in blue text links for easy access to shortcuts and helpful technical 
A full list of available parts can be found on the main catalog page of this site. If you need something that is not listed on the main catalog page send a inquiry to contact us or begin a order  HERE . Since its impossible to list everything, we often find parts on special request that are not listed in the catalog. Usually , we try to respond to your e-mail inquiries a soon as possible.