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GK-B5 Downloads

Build Instructions:
These are the build steps, schematic and instructions needed to build your kit. The right Build Instructions depend on the version of the board you have. The one below is correct for the kits that are currently shipping. (Earlier versions are found in the Archive page.)

Build Instructions for the v5.5 PCB
(The v5.5 PCB is very similar to v5.4 except that some jumpers have been repositioned.)

Build Instructions for the v5.4 PCB
(The v5.4 PCB is very similar to v5.3 except that some jumpers have been moved to the bottom of the board and the voltage regulator part # has changed.)

User Guide:
This explains the features of your Geiger Kit. The right User Guide depends on the version of software pre-loaded with your kit, or what you upgrade to. The User Guides for the version currently shipping, and a few before, are listed below. (Still earlier versions may be found in the Archive page.)

(Minor changes from v10.2 - see GK-B5 Software page for details.)