Plastic cheerleader pom poms, nice and fluffy

How to make real looking cheerleader pom poms!!
Dont these look awesome? You can make them of any color you want!
The other day I decided to go to a dress up party as a cheerleader. I have a thing for costumes, they just have to be awesome.
Thing is, I had no idea how hard it was going to be to find some decent-looking cheerleader pom poms in New Zealand...
 I found some tinsel pom poms at a $2 shop and bought them. >>>
But personally, I think the cheap crappy glittery tinsel pom poms are lame.
(They look limp, like your hair when you havent washed it for like, 5 days.)
I looked online and found numerous sites on how to make pom poms, but mostly out of plastic bags (ugh) or crepe paper (theyll easily rip..)
So I decided to make my own pom poms, using the handle from the tinsel pom poms.
Read this and you can make real- looking cheerleader pom poms using plastic tablecovers, none of that plastic bag crap!!!
    These will also be water-proof, and strong enough to last through numerous parties.. (or real cheerleading!)
Things you need
- Pom pom handles with two holes at each end (they can be any shape, dont even need to be hollow)
- Cable ties (From any hardware stores, get the cheapest one that is quite thin. 25 pack cost me $1.80 NZD)
- Plastic tablecovers (of color/colors you want, from Party warehouse or Spotlight. I got mine from Spotlight and paid $4 for one tablecover     of 137cm x 274cm (54 in x 108 in)) For my 2 pom poms of red and white, I used 2/3 of red and around half of white.
- Scissors
Step 1.
    Cut the tablecloth into strips of 45cm.
    Its much easier if you cut a piece of tablecloth off at 45cm length, fold up the piece and cut it to reduce cutting time and to keep the width consistent.
    They dont need to be 45cm, it is just the length I decided on so that my hands would be covered.
    (I didnt really pay much attention to keeping the width consistent or cutting clean edges, but after it was finished you couldnt even see the jagged edges)
Step 2.
    Arrange the tablecloth strips nicely, make sure to mix them in well if you have more than one color
    Tip: you can either mix the different colors or have separate chunks of colors and create various styles.. your choice! Or have crazy rainbow colored ones!
Step 3.
    Put a cable tie through the holes at one end of the pom pom handle.
Step 4.
    Carefully gather up the pile of strips and place the middle part of the strips between the two ends of cable ties on the handle.
    Lock the cable tie and pull it to secure the strips, and cut off the part of the cable tie that is sticking out.
Step 5.
    Hold the handle upside down and pull the strips down so that they are all pointing to the same direction, and rub them together or shake them to fluff them up.
    Apparently using damp hands and rubbing the strips work well on fluffing.
Repeat steps 1-5 for the other end of the pom pom, make 2 of these (obviously)
You now have fab pom poms to complete your awesome cheerleader costume!
Now that was easy!
My costume for the night, this Glee cheerleader costume was the best cheerleader costume I could find! (Also Im a bit of a Glee fan, I know many of my friends would laugh at me but Im not ashamed... I love musicals and singing, its only logical that I watch it! haha :P) 
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